Friday, November 15, 2013

Stampin' Up Photopolymer Stamp and Best of Stamp Set - November Releases!

There are two new stamp sets from Stampin' Up this month.  I am so excited for both of these sets!
The first stamp set is another photopolymer stamp set.  I LOVE truly clear stamp sets!  I was so excited to see Stampin' Up carrying these now.  These are still being a tested item but I hear that sales are good on them so I am hoping we see many many more sets to come!!
This month's release is:

I had no idea what Ikat was so I had to look it up. Apparently, it is very hot in trend right now in designing.  It talks about fabric patterns and textures.  When I saw this set, I imagined all the really need backgrounds I could make with this stamp set!  Seems like based on what I researched, this is exactly what you are supposed to use it for!!!  Textures and patterns - creating unique looks!  I love this!!!!

The next set is a Best Of set.  I have enjoyed so many of these Best of stamp sets celebrating Stampin' Up's 25 years in business!  This might be my most favorite one YET!!!!

For some reason, I can't get this picture to go bigger in my blogger.  But click on the link to see it bigger:

I came along after the hedgehogs were so popular or maybe I didn't notice them when I first started with Stampin' Up.  But I LOVE them!!!  How cute are they?!?!!!   A great snowman!  Who doesn't need a good snowflake??   I can make several cards out of this ONE set!!!! 
Two more sets to go on my wish list....oh heck, who am I kidding,  I'm ordering today!!!!!!

If you have any questions regarding Stampin' Up or their products, feel free to leave me a comment- I check comments throughout the day!!

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