Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Envelope Punch Board- Practical Uses as well! Making File Tabs!

It is no secret that I LOVE the envelope punch board.  I love making envelopes for those odd shaped cards.  I love using up patterns that I won't use out of my Designer Series Paper to make envelopes.  I love making file folder cards!
I posted a tutorial on making them:
  I have posted several versions on my blog! 
 I have ton a massive project organizing my embossing folders using my envelope punch board:
I am a HUGE fan of the envelope punch board...obviously.
So a situation arose that I got to use my envelope punch board for a very practical reason!  To help out my middle school son!!!
At his school, they have a binder that all their work is kept in.  It must be neatly organized into sections divided by the file dividers- I am not sure what those things are called but that's the name I gave them!!!  LOL!  They even have a binder check for each cycle...their binders are their LIFE in school!!! My son finally got a new binder since one of his rings on his binder broke and he opted for one that had a zippered case.  So when organizing his new binder, he noticed that his file dividers were all messed up.  He asked me if I could fix them for him!  (do you hear the angels singing!!!??  I did when he asked me!!!!!!  AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My middle schooler wants mom's help!!!  And CRAFTING HELP at that!!!!)

Here is his old mangled file divider.

So out came my envelope punch board to make new ones.  He even asked me if I could make them all different colors so he could see them easier!  Oh the crafter in me was so happy!!!!!

I had to play with the dimensions to fit his binder well but we finally settled on 9" X11" is what I cut the cardstock into.  Then I created my tabs just like making them for the file folder cards- punching out two punches and trimming off the excess pieces.  (see the tutorial above if you need help or there are some great youtube videos that show this too!)

I add a strip of washi tape to the front edge and same place in the back, I am hoping this will reinforce the cardstock slightly to help with tearing issues as he flips the dividers in his binder.  I am not to worried about this though, the dividers using cardstock are much sturdier than the old ones he had.  And if they do rip.....I have plenty of cardstock to make him another one quickly!!! 

I love how these turned out.  They are nice a bright for him.  The washi tape used some of my stash.  I just coordinated the washi tape with the cardstock.  I used the brights cardstock family from Stampin' Up.  The brights collection is always my go to favorite colors.
So it comes to say, why are these so good- I can do them quickly myself if one tears.  I don't have to go any further than my crafting shelf to make him another one.  I hate running here and running there for stuff the kids need for school, and it is always last minute! I don't have to run out to the store to get him a whole other pack if ONE rips, I can just replace the ONE that is damaged.  Mine are WAY cooler!!!  ;) 
Have you gotten your envelope punch board yet?!!!!

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  1. Love that he asked you to help him. That is so awesome!!!

  2. Fun! Love that you spruced them up with washi.

  3. If my daughter was still in school, I would so do this for her! Great job!!


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