Monday, November 11, 2013

Decorating and Crafting for Halloween- October 2013

As promised, here is my mega Halloween decorating and crafting post.  Lots of pictures to share!!!  First off, this is NOT my house, but my sister's house!  I am simple amazed at all her decorations and little touches!  Halloween is her favorite holiday and she does it up BIG!!!!

First off, we have my middle son, Owen, trying on his beard hat for his Halloween costume.  I love these hats!  They were such a hit with the boys!  Oh and Owen had to take a picture with Bella....I'm not to sure she wanted her picture taken at this time......oh well!!!! 

This is Jesse trying on his beard hat!!!  And holding Bella too!!!  :)

On to the decorating!!!  This is Sharon's, my sister, dough bowl.  This year she decorated with white mini pumpkins and deer antlers.  Adorable.

Sharon changes out her flowers in the vase, she had seasonal leaves in there for Halloween.

As we both do cross stitching, here is her large cross stitch board.  I LOVE these patterns.  I need to do this set!  Adorable with GREAT bold colors!

Little pumpkin cute is he???

I love the bold orange colors!

More white pumpkins!

Her fireplace is always so cute!!!

My favorite little mouse guy!!!  I really need to put him in my pocketbook and take him home with me!!!!!  LOL!!!!  He looks so cute!!!!

Here is a cute out that she made using her cricut, burlap and an Ikea picture frame.

I love her little words scattered throughout her house.

This was her candy handout basket....and she had more bags of candy to add to it!  And yes, she almost ran out of candy!  As one of the houses that is all lite up in her neighborhood, she gets a lot of trick or treaters!

Remember, I teased about a Headless Horseman?  Nope, this one isn't it.....this is a mini version....isn't he cute?  He sits on her kitchen windowsill.

Not a Halloween decoration, but her lady get a witch hat for Halloween!!!

Now, we see the MAIN headless horseman!!!!  He was taken outside for Halloween night only.  He does light up and makes sounds too but since we were handing out candy right beside him, she turned the sound off so he wouldn't annoy us all night!!!  He is HUGE!!!!!!  WAY taller than me!!!  Okay, I am only 5'2" but still!!!!!

This was her creepy pumpkin guy.....he lit up and moved! 

More of that headless guy!!!!

Another crazy pumpkin guy...she has two of these right by her doorway...they light up as well.  And you can get a glimpse of her mummies in the background!

I thought these pumpkins were fake...nope, real!!!!  How pretty!!!

She has a thing for spiders.....I don't even go by this one!!!  YUCK!!!

Crazy pumpkin guy...and me!!!

She made bats with her cricut and put them to flying on fishing line!

Here's my buddies from last year...kinda quiet guys.


Lots of bones and skulls!

I'm not sure why, but she has a snake too!!!!  YUCK!!!!

I am not sure what this little guy monkey guy?  baby werewolf?  Either way he was pretty cool!

Mummy rats!!!!

I thought this was the cutest stacked pumpkin guy!!!

I loved Owen's face!!!! 

I loved this little guy!!!!

My buddy!

Oh boy!!! 

Owen.....Si taking a tea break!

Tea with friends!

Phil- Grayson, Si- Owen, and Jase-Jesse! Our Duck Dynasty crew!

As it got dark, I took some pictures to show off the lights!  So pretty!

As always, Sharon has out done herself!  Fun!!!!  Next decorating post....Christmas trees to come!  I love Christmas!!! 
I had a great weekend at a crafting retreat!  New posts to come! 
Happy Monday!!!
I love new crafting friends!  Take a second and follow me!!!


  1. Great decorations! I love to decorate my mantel too but I dont have time to do much more than that. I gotta say...I love that you all scrapbook AND cross stitch! My two favorite things to do!

    Tracy Godfrey

  2. Wow. This is incredible! I know the kids and adults alike love your sister's house. Now I can't wait to see what she does for Christmas.

  3. Oh my! THat's one heck of a lot of work! Looks like it was worth it all though!
    Dawn xx

  4. Wow Michelle! That was truly amazing. Holiday decorating is definitely in your blood. I remember your Christmas tree display from last year.

  5. Love! Your sister has amazing decorating skills!

  6. Goodness me, I've never seen so much effort go into decorating for Halloween! I think it's much bigger in the US than here in the UK. I love that little mouse too! x

  7. Wowow...I so wished we celebrated Halloween more here in the UK so I could do my house up like this, how much fun! Love it!
    Little Pear Tree


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