Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WACKY CRAZY OUT OF MY MIND WEDNESDAY!!!! A Card that Goes Wrong!!!!!

 Today is WACKY CRAZY- OUT OF MY MIND WEDNESDAY!!!!  And now you are wondering what the heck is that???!!!!  Some of you are going to think, I have lost my mind!Today I am sharing, A CARD GONE WRONG!!!! 
At first look, this is a Christmas card.  Some may like it, some may not.  I am in the last category.  Yes, it happens to us all!!!  We plan out a card in our mind, but it just doesn't come together right.  There is something off with it!  Today, I am sharing one of MY cards, that is OFF.  So the question comes up to WHY would I do this?  Simply, there are many first time crafters that read my blog and many people that love to CASE designs.  We all make duds....we can all make great projects too!  It's paper!!!  And I never try to take myself to seriously!!!!  So here is my card boo-boo!!!!  :)
This is a shaker card.  I have done several of these would think that I would have it down pat, right???  This shaker is using the Wonderful Blessings Stamp set .  I love this stamp set.  It is a great image.  I had a great plan in my head.  I wanted to make a shaker with this great image behind it.  Overall, the image is fine.  But the shaker part went all wrong!  The washi tape that I used is to wide for the card, it actually didn't fit the shaker part well, and I ended up with a gap, which made my shaker parts STICK to the washi tape at the it kinda shakes......AFTER you jump up and down with it in your hand!!!!!

See my star punch outs?  Yeah, they are hard to see because they are sticking to my WASHI tape!!!  UGH!!!!

There one of my stars.....stuck!!!!
I don't like how the washi tape is covering my image here.  I think the pattern on the washi tape is wrong also.  It is to bold for this card.  This is a great nativity scene, and this washi is smothering it!!!  I do like the bling I used inside...but those are the only pieces that are moving stars are duds!!!

Okay, now I can tear apart my ribbon choice here.  This was an idea gone wrong.  I had an idea to curl this ribbon.  It is thin and it does curl and I actually like the curled frayed look but it just looks like a pile of.......I'm not sure....but it doesn't look good!!!!  It's not a bow....maybe I should have tied it INTO a bow and then left long pieces and tried to curl and fray them???  It just doesn't work.  I actually think the bow is to small against the thick washi tape too.
Overall, this card was a dud for me.  It happens.  An idea sounds good in my head, but doesn't work out when I actually put it to paper!!!  I may end up tearing this card apart...Or I may try and salvage what works with this card.  I think the best part is the stamped embossed image.  Maybe I will take that idea and try it again!  Take 2!!!!!
What do you take away from this?  Other than I am a little off my rocker!!!??  LOL!!!  Everyone messes up.  Everyone can make a bad card.  But with that, everyone can make a good card.  I didn't start out making cards.  I was a scrapbooker and still am.  I used to find cards harder to work on, it was a smaller canvass to work with.  Some times ideas work, and some times they don't.  But don't give up!!!  Evaluate your creation, what would you do differently?  Different color combo?  Different image?  Try it with the changes!!!  Don't give up!!!  Don't get discouraged!  Sometimes, walking away from a project, and coming back to it later with fresh eyes is all it takes to go from dud to FAB!!!!!
But most of all- have fun crafters!  And never take it to seriously!!!  After all, crafting is fun!  Crafting is relaxing!  And it is just paper and ink!!!!  Just give it another shot!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. So why is your washi sticky on the inside? Didn't you fold it over the paper completely? I'm confused. LOL but that's not hard this early in the morning. The image is very pretty.

  2. This is a totally fabulous post. I actually think your card is great and you know, it you hadn't pointed out the problems a lot of people would never have noticed. But you're right, we all have cards or scrapbook layouts or off the page projects that go wrong, in our own eyes anyway, and I think it's fabulous that you posted up one of yours and used it to encourage others. Well done. Love your card!!!!! ox

  3. I do love the stamp you used, and the shaker idea will be lovely when you get right. We have all been there, done that....TFS

  4. Thank you for making me feel normal today hun . its not too bad i think you have been hard on yourself

  5. This is gorgeous work, love this xxx


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