Sunday, October 13, 2013

Try!! Just Try!!!

I love this!  It is basically good for all aspects of life!  For my sons, it reminds them that they CAN TRY anything!  For crafting, it means, just attempt it.  Don't get hung up on measurements and colors.  Don't worry if you don't have exactly what is pictured!   Honestly, if everyone who  read my blog and bought all the supplies  to do the projects from my Stampin' Up store, that would be wonderful.  But as a crafter myself, not just a demo, I know, I make do, use what I have.  That's is part of being a good crafter!!!  Try a technique! Use the colors that you have left over in your stash!!!!  Get the most out of your stamps!  Use those stamps in your scrapbooking!  Look at all your supplies, how can you get another use out of them?  I love things that can be used for dual purposes! 
I have had people tell me that I am so crafty.  I don't consider myself crafty.  Maybe, only because I am not afraid to try something!  What is the worst that is going to happen??  I won't like my finished project?  It isn't life or death, it is paper, ink and some glue!!!!  Just Try it!!!!!

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