Thursday, October 3, 2013

Love Washi tape?? How about a SPECIAL one day ONLY sale + a storage solution!!???

One day Only Sale today at Stampin' Up:

Three Washi tape bundles are on sale!!!

   Regular Price $4.95
  Sale Price  $3.71

  *Please note-The discounted price will
  appear at checkout.*

 I love Washi tape and have a lot!!!  I do have to say, the Stampin' Up washi tape is my favorite.  It holds really well.  So the next question is, how do you store all your washi tape??
Here is my solution.  It doesn't cost much, it was a fishing gear organizer from Bass Pro.  It had dividers but I didn't use them.  Any type of box like this will work, look for a good closure and make sure you get a box that has slots wide and tall  enough.  As you can see, some Washi tapes are thicker than others.  A good idea is to take your biggest roll to the store with you to make sure it will fit. 
I loosely organize mine by color.  When I a making a project, I can quickly search for the color I need and see my choices.  My style of Season Washi tape is almost out, I really need to order some more rolls!!  This would be the first Washi tape that I have USED all of it!!!  I love the red with the white polka dot one!!!  Such a great pop of color!

I have done a ton of cards using Washi tape, even scrapbooking layouts!  For ideas of how to use your washi stash, search Washi in the search box to the right!
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  1. I have my dividers in mine but its getting full so I'm going to have to start pulling them out so I can get some more rolls in there ;)

  2. Great idea! Could even use it for some ribbons. TFS

  3. That is a great idea! I think I may even use some washi tape to decorate the outside of my fishing organizer box. LOL

    1. I love the idea of decorating the outside!!!!


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