Monday, October 7, 2013

Embossing Folder Storage Using the Large Die Box- using the envelope punch board

Welcome Crafters!  I did a video of my embossing folder storage a while back.  I have to say, I out grew this storage solution. (yes, I have THAT many embossing folders...we won't count okay!!!!)   My solution was to stack my folders in a plastic lock in lock container.  It worked.  I am not sure I would call it organized though.  It kept the folders from getting bent- which happened to one of mine when I stored it with my heavy dies.  BUT....I had to sort through all my folders to find the one I wanted, I forgot what I had, and the worst part....I officially had to many to add even ONE more to my collection!  Instead of looking for a new and bigger container, I really wanted to organize my folders.  I had forgot what I had bought and was running the risk of buying multiples!!!!
Here is my FINISHED storage:
Now that we have seen the finished project: I will show you my steps:
Making the File Folders
This is very simple to do yourself.  I used 12X12 paper- for me I used older discontinued paper so it was a great way for me to use up some of my paper stash.  I will highly recommend using GOOD cardstock such as Stampin' Up cardstock to make your file folders.  Thinner card stock will not hold up to the wear and tear- of taking them in and out to use them. 
I used my envelope punch board.  I truly love this handy tool!  Making file folders are very easy. 
Take a 12X12 sheet of cardstock, cut it to 12X7 (keep those scraps because you can use them to emboss the folder on to the front of the file so you can see what the folder looks like at a quick glance), Score at the 6" mark.  Fold in half and trim off 1/2" of one of the sides.  For a file folder with a tab to the left- you punch at the 3" mark on both sides of the file card.  To get a tab in the middle- you punch at the 2" and 5" mark.  To get a tab to the right- punch at the 4" mark.  This gives you a nice tab to write on.  You do need to do some trimming to make your file folder tabs- it is not hard at all but hard to describe in pictures- there are several youtube videos to show this step really well.  I typed all the directions out and realized that they were very hard to follow without "seeing" it. 

I also used my corner rounder on the envelope punch board to round the corners to make them look nice.  Great thing about the envelope punch board is that you get two tools in ONE!!!
The scraps work really good for the embossing on the front.  For all my Stampin' Up embossing folders- I used coredinations paper- embossed them and then sanded to show even more detail.  This was an extra step that I chose to do for those folders since I use them the most.  For all my other folders- I just embossed my scrap pieces.  I used the strip that I cut off my 12X12 sheet and cut those into 4" sections.  These are not big enough to emboss the whole folder but it gives me a good idea of the folder and it fits nicely on the front of the file either vertically or horizontal. 

The great thing about these dimensions is that they work for all the embossing folders I had- whether they were the standard size or 5x7 folders.  They all fit!!  
My categories- I kept all my embossing folders together per manufacturer.  This helped so that I could see if I had multiples (and yes, I found 2 that I had doubles of- so my niece will get some new folders!!) but also, I found that one woodgrain folder from one company looked totally different from a woodgrain folder from another company.  My Stampin' Up folders were marked with a SU- then the folder name. Another step I added for my Stampin' Up folders were if the folder was retired- I made a star after the name.  Easy for me to identify the current folders! My sizzix folders were marked with a S- then the folder name.  The Darice folders were marked with a D- then the folder name.  EXCEPT for the special sizes- special sizes were marked with the company name- D then the size - 5x7 or mini, then the name.  Since my collection was so big- some of the folders didn't have names.  The Stampin' Up ones were easy to find the names for.  The sizzix and cuttlebug ones weren't as easy.  And several folders didn't have a name OR company on them (the names are not normally on the folders themselves but the packaging they came in).  For those folders, I gave them names to describe them.  

To make the embossed piece on the front really stand out, I used different colored paper.
This picture shows how the embossed piece can be vertical or horizontal across the front.

These containers were my old containers to store the embossing folders in.  They didn't work with the file folders because the lids wouldn't go on without crushing the file folders.  This was a temporary storage until my new beautiful storage boxes came from Stampin' Up.  These files fit in the Large Die Boxes .
I did not use the inserts with the boxes.  Now I need to come up with an idea for those.  The large die box fits the files and allows the lids to fit keeping the folders safe, clean, and organized!  These are really sturdy boxes.  There is enough room on each side of the file folder holding the embossing folder so they are easy to remove.  Perfect!!!

They look great on my shelf!  And so easy to find what I need now!  So I will use my folders more- find what I have- and buy NO MORE DOUBLES!!!!

This shows the mini folders for edges fit as well!

Thanks for stopping by and hope this helps you get organized too!
All Stampin' Up items can be found at my online store 24/7:


  1. Love Love love. In my head you were going to do two rows in there but I like your way better. Now you need to make a pretty label for your boxes ;)

  2. I love your storage solution. WOW but you've got a lot to need storage like this. It looks just perfect for what you need and very easy to find and get out what you need. I like the pictures you've taken to show us how you got things sorted as well.

  3. I store mine exactly the same photo boxes. I don't have the envelope punch board yet so my tabs are hand cut and not as pretty! LOL! I also just emboss the front of my folder instead of doing a separate piece but it works either way!

  4. Does the envelope punch board actually cut the tabs for the file folders?

  5. Yes, you cut two notches spaced how ever far about you would like them and cut off the excess.....I did a file folder card that shows it step by step with pictures if that doesn't make sense. It is the same process here.

  6. I'm fairly new to this and was trying to figure out how I was supposed to organize and keep tracking...after looking at several ideas and sites I found that yours works best. I'm making file folders now!!!

  7. I love this idea, I have 2 set of embossing borders would the set go in one folder or each have their own folder.

    1. I have set5s of embossing folders with matching border folders. I keep them together in a similar filing system.

  8. Thanks for your blog posts about your die and embossing folder storage. I was wondering if you have made any updates or changes to your embossing folder storage since you wrote this post, or if you have any updated tips. Thanks, again.

    1. I love that idea and I can't wait to make it I have been trying to figure out how to do it and I also have the envelope board so this should be easy thanks for the idea


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