Friday, October 11, 2013

Bella- My King Charles Cavalier AKA my shadow!!!

For those that don't know...this is Bella.  Bella turned one year old on June 1st.  She is the sweetest!!!  She goes to work with me every day.  She gets very excited and barks and carries on when I get my purse and my keys.  You would think with all her excitement that she would do something great when she got in the car....nope...she lays right down for a nap!!!!  
A little confused at being woken up!

Bella guards me pocketbook....okay, just lays on it!!!
But you would have to MOVE her to steal it!!!


On the, wait....just sleeping again.



So sleepy!!!!


Someone wants a HUG!!!!

pouting because we have to wear our harness.....she is really good at pouting!!!

Checking to see if the pouting is working.....

Realizing I am NOT taking off the harness

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