Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wantable Box - September 2013

I got my Wantable box this past weekend.  This is fast becoming my favorite subscription box!   I love that I can totally customize it, by my questionnaire online, I can exclude items I don't want in my box.  I don't like bronzer, so I have it on my dislikes!  I never get any of my dislikes!  LOVE that!!
See this link if you are interested:

This month's box had Eyeliner from Caitlyn- I really like this brand!  This is the second one I got- two different colors.  Love them. They wear nicely all day long and are easy to apply.
I got an eyeshadow from Bombshell.  It is a weird gold color.  This one looks pretty off in the jar but looks awesome on!!!!  
I also got some lavender powder.  This is a brightening powder.  It is really nice!!!   It is great to apply with the angled foundation brush.  I love getting new brushes!!!!  I got a small sample of skin cream from Skiin.  This is the one bomb of the box.  I get dry skin.  There are a lot of creams that don't work for me.  This was one right away that didn't work.  Someone else might have better luck with it though.

The products are well packaged in egg shell foam.  I love Wantable!!!  Have you tried their box yet?

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  1. We got such different things. I love Cailyn and Bombshell. Enjoy!!!


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