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Make a Neighbor a Gift Creative Crew- September 2013 Challenge

First off, I want to say what an honor it is to be on the Creative Crew at .  This is a four month challenge for selected demonstrators each month having four challenge projects to inspire others.   This is my first challenge project for Septmember 2013.  This challenge is:

CCREW0913SF, CreativeCrew, SUO or SUM - Scrapbook and More Focus: Make a gift for a good neighbor as you celebrate National Good Neighbor Day (September 28th).

I started with this one because I had the perfect gift all planned and just recently thought of a cute way to present it.  This is the perfect neighbor gift!  I will also be using these for teachers' gifts and for gift exchange at Christmas!  This one that I did is for a daughter of a neighbor that helps out a lot with our four legged friends! 

The Petite Purse Bigz Die has been around Stampin' Up for awhile.  I love this die!  First off, it is super easy to use and a great WOW presentation!!!  I will say this die makes a SMALL purse, but it is PERFECT for my project!!!! (what's in it is in the first part of this post)  For this project, I needed a lighter, foldover elastic ribbon and scissors.

The foldover elastic ribbon hair bands are all the rage right now.  They are wonderful!!  They don't tug on your hair and come in some great colors!  I normally have one around my wrist everyday in case I need to put my hair up.  These are great on my hair since I have thin hair that can break or tangle in other hair ties.  You can also make these into headbands as well. The biggest problem with these twist bands is that they are EXPENSIVE!!!!  Some sites charge $12.99 for three or four twist ties!!!!  That's expensive when if you are like me, tend to misplace your twist ties often!  The crafter in me said there had to be a cheaper way!  And there is...... 

Most of the fold over elastic comes in 5 or 10 yard packages.  You can find some in big quantities such as 100 yard spool of it as well but the 5/10 yard ones are most common.

I bought mine from bitsybands on etsy.  Great service and great selection!  There are other places you can get them online.  I found foldover elastic ribbon very hard to find locally so online was the best option for me.

You start with about 10" of ribbon.  If you have fine hair or making it for a child, go to 9" of ribbon.  If you want to make a headband, 18" works well. 

You simply tie a knot in the ribbon leaving a tail sticking out.

Now for the lighter part, you need to take a lighter and lightly touch the ends to the flame- they don't even have to touch it all the way, simply get close to the heat of the flame.  This seals the ends so they don't fray.  You can visually see it melt and you are done.  Be careful not to let the ribbon catch fire!  
Your hair tie is done!  It is that easy!!!  I got the zebra foldover elastic for $5.00/5yds, the glitter ribbon for $6.25/5yds and the solid for $1.50/5yds.  VERY inexpensive!!!!  You can get at least 3-4 twist ties per yard!  One package gets you a LOT of twist ties!!!  Much much better than $12.99 for three or four twist ties!

This is the set that I am using.  I want the twist ties to color coordinate so I went with this combo because it also matching my DSP that I am using for my purse!  Now for the presentation of the gift: the purse!!!


After running the petite purse die through you big shot, these is what you end up with. 
Simply just start folding on the score lines, and it all fits together perfectly!  
The purse die does include a slit in the front to fold the lid into it.  I didn't want to close  mine that way. I really wanted this to be as close to a mini purse as possible.  I found these Velcro  dots at AC Moores. 

The Velcro was a perfect way to open and close the purses!

My twist ties fit inside the purse!  There are four of them in there!  I love that the purse keeps them neat as well!  My OCD was very happy with this!
Now I have my purse with the handle attached.......but now I need to decorate it!

There are so many possibilities to decorate the purse die with but I thought mine needed a flower!  I used Secret Garden Framelits to cut out my stamped flower from the Secret Garden flower set .

I stamped and cut out the flower twice, and fussy cut one layer smaller to add some dimension to my flower.  I add a little bling to the center!  Perfect bling for my purse!!!

You will notice the little purse tag on the side.  I wanted to add a purse charm to my bag.  I used the tags from the Lovely Little Labels stamp set and the Coordinating punches - mini labels to cut them out.  I attached it with some twine to the purse.  
Now that looks like a true mini purse to me!!!  My other passion besides crafting is bags.  We won't get into that here since I have A LOT of bags....but I love purses!!!! 

I love that this is so girly and fun!!!  The options are endless!  Any color combo you can think of!  Any embellie you want to add!!  Ribbon for a handle, pearls, more bling, this project will keep me busy for awhile! 


Thanks for stopping by!  Head over to splitcoaststampers and check out all the creative crew projects- there are some truly wonderful projects from gifted crafters!

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