Friday, September 6, 2013

Hair Twist Ties Using Stampin' Up Ruffle Ribbon- I love Stampin' Up Ribbon!!!

Obviously- this blog post is gonna be about Stampin' Up's ribbon.  I LOVE the ribbon!  I love that I have colors that match and coordinate. I love the new chevron ribbon!!  I love the twine!  I love it all!!!    BUT!!!  That is not what this post is about!!! 
Here is another use for the Stampin' Up ribbon!!!  Hair Twist ties!!!  Yes!!!!! Pure awesomeness right?!!!
Have you tried the newer twist ties hairbands?  They are great for your hair because they don't pinch or pull.  I did a blog post about the twist ties that I am making for Christmas gifts and teacher gifts! 
Here is a previous blog post that I showed you how I made the foldover elastic twist ties:
The process is the same- but you use the Stampin' Up Ruffle trim in the GREAT new In Colors!!! 
I am thinking this would be great as a set!  Easter baskets for the kids!  Teacher gifts at Christmas!  This is such a great gift and inexpensive!!!   
I  used some of the new 3/8" Ruffle Stretch Trim on a card the other day.  It has a nice stretch to it.  It got me thinking.....can I use it for hair twist ties?  YES YOU CAN!!!!

To make the twist hair ties- you need scissors, a rules, some of the new 3/8" Ruffle Stretch Trim:
(this is the color I used!!  Isn't it great!!!  LOVE this one!!)
I love this color too!!!  Okay- I think I love them all!!!

This ruffle ribbon works because it has stretch to it! You need roughly 9".  If your hair is thick, you might want 10" of ribbon.  Cut the ribbon with your snips.

The next step is super easy- simply make a knot in the top half of the ribbon.  I finish it off by using a lighter on the part that you cut.  Don't touch the flame to the ribbon, just get it close enough to melt the ribbon slightly- this prevents unraveling. 

So easy!!!  And you get an adorable twist tie with a great ruffle!!!!  
Excuse the bad selfie here- just wanted to show the twist tie in the hair.  Messy hair but you get the picture right??!!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Omg!! Michelle, you are brilliant!! So copying you this weekend! Why didn't I think of that! Love!

  2. Do you have an email address? My sister lives not far from you and is looking for other demos to create with. I will be moving out to Charlotte in about 3 years so we would love to find other demos in the area.
    oh and I love the pretty idea. I will need to make some of those. thanks for sharing

    1. I do- I love new crafting friends! Please tell her to contact me at anytime!!


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