Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Halloween Thinlet Flip Card- Creative Crew Challenge

This card was made for a Creative Crew challenge at .  For this challenge, CCREW0913HF, CreativeCrew, SUO or SUM - Holiday Focus: 911 Remembrance. It's not a holiday, but it's a day that has been imprinted on our minds.

Make a project with the Big Shot that allows you to remember a day from your past. If you wish to share the significance of this day, we'd love to read about it.
For me, this was Halloween.  I know that seems a weird day to remember but for me it makes perfect sense.  Halloween to a kid is GREAT.  You get dressed up in a costume and get candy.  Sure, that's the basic idea.  But it was more.  Our neighbor used to have a party in her basement for Halloween.  The basement was transformed into a Haunted House.  It didn't even look the same basement we would play in!  I think this is where the magic of Halloween began for me.  For one night out of the year, everything was different!  Everything was fun!!  My mother used to make cookies for the party.  She even came up with odd names for the icing colors she created which in my opinion looked more like a purple mud but she had a Halloween spin on it!  I grew up loving Halloween.  As a teen, the annual trip to the local Haunted Houses were planned.  We used to look over the advertisements and find all the Haunted Houses.  Then we would plan our night of going out!  October's Friday and Saturday nights were spend going to Haunted Houses with friends.  We only could get to at the most two in a night because of the long lines, but even standing in line was fun with friends!  We would talk about the other Haunted Houses we had been to.  Sometimes we would even find out about another Haunted House by talking to others in line.  One of the best ones we ever went to was a House and a Haunted Hay ride.  I remember as a teen is was expensive to do both.  But is was a long car ride out to the location for we figured why not??  The hay ride was awesome- there was even a bus in the woods!!!  We never saw it until they hit the lights and scared us!  And the house was built so that kids with disabilities and in wheel chairs could access the whole Haunted House.  What a great idea!  Even as a teen, I realize how special that Haunted House was.  Most Haunted Houses are not wheel chair friendly.   The proceeds of the Haunted House went to help a facility for disabled children.  I remember thinking that the price of the Haunted House, while at first I thought was so expensive, wasn't high enough!  I loved that it was a great experience benefiting others!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to this day! It is just a totally fun day!  My kids are just now getting interested in Haunted  Houses...and I couldn't be happier!!! 
For this card, I used the Best of set from Stampin' Up.  Best of Halloween Stamp Set .  This was the first stamp set that I have bought of the Best of series.  It was  a Halloween set, so it was a no brainer! The great thing about the Best of sets is that for every six Best of sets you buy, you get a free stamp set of your choice up to $14.95.  
You just place your sticker that is included in the set on the page (included in each Best of set).

For this card, I used the Circle Card Thinlet Set .  I am in love with the thinlets!  

After running the piece of cardstock through the Big Shot, you can see the cuts lines and score lines.  Simple fold along the score lines. Easy!

I used the Witches Brew Designer Series Paper .  I love this paper pack!  I always get the Halloween paper from Stampin' Up and I have never been disappointed yet!

I ran pieces of DSP through the big shot using the thinlet die.  To add DSP to my card, I use the thinlet die and since it scores on some of the lines, I use my snips to cut on the scores lines and it gives me the panels.

I love all the pieces of the thinlet set!  They are included!

The back panel of the circle is perfect for my note! 
I love added the hidden spot to add the chevron cut out to the card.  This part of the card isn't visible until you open the card, and then it is a surprise!  Using the magnetic platform made it very easy to position where I wanted the cut made.

The Envelope Liner framelits finish out the card.
Hope you enjoyed! 

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