Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts

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 * I can't wait till school starts back.  The boys are arguing with each other non-stop and if they are not fighting, they are just doing randomly stupid stuff!!!  Remind me this when all the appointments, meetings, sports practices and games start and I am complaining I am so busy!
* We are also most done school shopping.  We only had a small list for my middle schooler, I think there were five items on it.  The other two have school supplies fee so now shopping needed.  The last thing we need is new shoes for the youngest two.  Maybe this weekend?
*I went to Sephora yesterday.  I had to drag the younger two with me.  I think Jesse's eyes light up when he saw all the displays.....I had to yell at him NOT to touch!!!  My boys favorite game, wipe makeup on your finger and then walk by and smear it on your brother's face.  Yeah, see what I said about randomly dumb stuff!!!  I was able to get my Josie Maran powder that I LOVE!!!!  If you have not tried!!!  It is awesome.  I don't wear base, only powder.  The coverage is great and it adapts to your skin tone.  I was also able to get the Disney collection of eye shadows- Ariel.  So pretty.  I didn't realize it was so popular until I was googling it today....I must have lucked out when I stopped in yesterday that my local store had it on the shelf!   I also picked up some blue mascara....yes, BLUE!!!  I added it just to the tips of my eyelashes today.  I love playing with makeup!  I will randomly have green eye shadow on, or purple or pink......I am not sure there isn't a color I won't try!!  Fun! FUN!!
* I have several orders arriving at the house this week and next.  I am most excited for my Stampin' Up order to get here.  It is supposed to be here tomorrow.  I have some new toys to play with!  Since the boys have soccer practice early Saturday morning, I hope to have the whole day to do laundry and craft!  I am most excited to get the new card thinlets and create some folded cards because honestly those folds confuse me so I am all about a framelit doing all the work for me! 
* My middle son, Owen, went today to the Orthodontist to get his expander put in, for the second time.  Unfortunately, the lab messed it up again.  Instead they went ahead and put his top braces on since he would have gotten them next time anyways.  Hopefully in four weeks they will have the expander made correctly to fit and put in his mouth.  At least he has time to get used to the braces first!  Oh, and this is only his Phase One treatment.  :/  Two kids in braces at the same time!  YIKES!! This whole braces thing has me confused with all the changes, but apparently I am not the only parent confused so I am in good company!  As long as we end up with nice pretty teeth, it is all good!!!
*The younger two are in swim lessons this week and next.  Miss Cindy is AWESOME!!!  If you live locally and want swim lessons for your child, I highly recommend her!  This is the third year we have done lessons with her.  My oldest no longer takes lessons but might go back to her to get life guard certified when he is 15.  My youngest really got the hang of swimming last year with her.  He spends most of his time under the water this year!  He is a little fish!!!  But he has been her "demonstrator" this year and he loves it.  My youngest is really blossoming.  He is swimming all over now.  He still needs more water time to get his breathing and confidence up but he has definitely gotten it now! Last night, he was practicing his stand up dive during free time!!!! 
Okay, no more thoughts I guess!
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  1. I pulled up your polish online and it looks awesome.

  2. You are braver than I am. I cannot take Sephora with the kids. It's like taking kids to a candy store. So much stuff at their eye level in bright colors. And my little one likes to grab things off the shelves and put them in the stroller with him, so I have to make sure he didn't steal anything....

  3. I will NEVER take my girls back to Sephora, Ulta, Hallmark, the LOFT, my doctor's office...and they are 6 and 8!
    I am not sure what shoes you like to purchase, but right now Kmart has many of their shoes b1g1 free online-I picked up a couple of pairs for back ups.
    Linking up through Jen's Thursday Thoughts!

  4. Hello! Just stopping in from the Thursday Thoughts linkup. My daughter is getting her expander on the 16th. She's super nervous about it because they told her it would put a little space between her two front teeth. Not what want when you are 13!
    And I can NOT wait for school to start either. It just can't get here fast enough, if you as me!
    I went to Sephora for the very first time recently. It was overwhelming and awesome at the same time. I didn't buy anything but I loved just looking. I was in there forever!


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