Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stampin' Up News

Stampin' Up just released some new single Holiday stamps.  Holiday Single Stamps
I am really liking some of these!  I think I might NEED the nativity one, and the star one!  So pretty!!! 
Also, for those that have been waiting, the new rotary attachment is available for the Stampin' Up trimmer! 
I am very excited for this one, I have been waiting for them to be available.  Keep in mind there are three extra/different blades available for it as well!  Depending on the cut you want!  I think I NEED all three!!!  (It comes with a straight rotary blade).  I love a tool that has multiple uses!  Have you tried the Stampin' Up trimmer ?  I love mine!
Stampin' Up Video
There should be a new photo polymer stamp coming out soon.  I have only seen a sneak peek but it looks good too!  Can't wait!
Happy Crafting!

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