Monday, August 12, 2013

Do you hoard your Designer Series Paper??? Great storage idea for Scrapbooking paper!

If you are like me, you have tons of scrapbooking paper.  I have tons of cardstock as well,  but I organize that a different way. Click Updated: HERE to see how I store my cardstock.  But the question remains, how to store all the DSP we ( please tell me I am not the only one!) hoard!!!  My DSP is from different vendors, different paper lines.  I wanted to keep all the little pieces of my DSP together with the collection.  Using those scraps up!!  I found the best solution to this for me!
I keep all my DSP in a rolling file folder cart that I found on Amazon.   They fit in perfectly.  Now this is an older picture, and it was STUFFED!!!  I have weeded it down, and used tons of this DSP now.  

I love the handle for travel to crops but it can retract easily when I am at home.  I never remove my paper from this file folder cart.  
It even has a lid for travel!  I pile stuff on top of the cart and my DSP doesn't get crushed!

When I first got the system I used the Cropper Hopper dividers and labeled them by manufacturer.  Within each manufacturer, the paper collections were put in.  This didn't work the best because the collections got mixed together.  I lost the little pieces of scraps that I had saved. Paper got bent and crushed.    It worked but not wonderfully.  I needed something to keep each paper collection separated.

I found my solution with the cropper hopper paper file .   I love these!  They fit 12X12 paper perfectly.   I try to use up as much of the DSP as I can, and challenge myself to use the scraps.  I normally end up with very little left over!  And that is a GREAT feeling!!!  Call me crazy but I love to know that I used what I had!

When I get a DSP paper pack, the first thing I do is get out a new Cropper Hopper file folder and write the name of the collection on it.  Then I will write the colors that are included in the paper collection so that I can match to cardstock when I am crafting.  I reuse these files as I use up the DSP.  I clean the writing off with some rubbing alcohol and start over!   I can save those little pieces of paper to get the most out of my paper!  I don't end up ruining paper by bending it.  I love my system!  The files slip easily back into the rolling file folder cart because the plastic slides on itself too!   When I get done crafting with the DSP, I slip it all back into the file folder and then refile it under the manufacturer tab. 
It has helped me use more of my paper.  It has also kept me from buying more DSP!  If my file cart is full, I can't fit anymore!  For paper hoards, it is the only method of restraint I have!  LOL!!!  If my file is full, I can't buy anymore DSP!!  :)
Maybe this system would work for you!???
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  1. I know this system ;) Love it. I'm in the process of working on mine too. I have some in the folders and some are in the bigger holders still. Depends how I'm working on them and how large the paper pack is.

  2. Michelle, I love your system. Especially how you label the file folders. How clever!!

  3. Nice system....I would need 6 of those rolling carts though! I am a total "paper pig".

  4. I have one (well actually two) of those carts! Great Idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am a total paper addict and have made myself pass by the paper aisles - for the rest of my life, actually, as I have enough to leave behind enough for my 3 sons and their families!!! BAD, Bad, Bad. I separate some into the wonderful ArtBin containers - plaids, polka dots, stripes, photo prints, and then also have a bin for each of the 4 seasons' special papers, one for glitter, and a huge wire 12 x 12 rack with the numerous pads I couldn't resist. I have special ones as well - Anna Griffin, double sided, adhesive backed, metalics, etc.,etc., etc. Then I have a whole big file drawer full of the CM papers I hoarded while I was a demonstrator. The scraps are in another file drawer by color. I have found very tiny scraps are useful when making things like the vests for the SU owls, the tiny punches from SU and such.


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