Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crazy Haired Kid Layout & Washi tape

With school fast approaching, I am once again, looking at getting the boys haircuts.  I don't want to cut them RIGHT before we start but not far enough away that they look like they NEED another haircut!  UGH!!!  My oldest son has the fastest growing hair EVER!  I think he could get a hair cut every two weeks.  My middle son wants to be bald because he is to busy to even comb his hair.  And yes, he seriously wants to be bald!  He loves getting a buzz cut and keeps trying to go shorter and shorter each time!    My youngest son has the craziest hair.  It is all kinds of crazy!  When it is hot, his hair curls!  I can always tell how humid it is by Jesse's hair!  I wanted to do a layout of all the crazy hair pictures I have! 
(by the way, the bottom photo is from Christmas and it is not a real gun but a air soft gun- from this angle you can't see the orange plastic tip that identifies it as not real!)  (oh and to add, it wasn't HIS air soft gun but his older brother's gun that he wanted to see!!!)
Jesse has pretty hair for the most part.  He wants a short hair cut too but as the last child.....the baby....I want to hang on to those curls for just a little longer!!!
This was a quick layout to use up some of those DSP packs I have.  The only embellie I used was Washi tape.  I used it for under the title and also as little banners.  I love washi tape!!!
I am expecting my Stampin' Up order on Friday.  I can't wait to get my new toys to play with!  What are you working on this week?  Anything crafty?


  1. love this look. So nice and simple but it really pops on the page.


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