Monday, August 19, 2013

Bento- go green lunches

It is first day of school here!!!  It is time to start thinking about school lunches.  I am trying a new approach this year.  We are trying to go with a more "bento type" lunches.  My kids are not sandwich eaters so I looked for alternatives.  I always get some new lunchbox items before school starts.  I throw away anything that is old and grungy from last year.  I was able to find several bento type lunch accessories and even the boys are thrilled to try them out!  The first ones I got were from Go Green Lunches.  They came with the carrier...and they even had digital camo!!  The boys wanted to use them the first day!

I like the spot to write a little note in their lunch totes!

The Go Green lunches come with a full cover container instead of individual containers.  They close very easily so I am sure even the youngest will be fine opening and closing on his own.

They also come with water bottles.  These are way to small for a middle schooler but this will be fine for my younger two. I only bought two of these- for my younger two.  This seemed a little small for my middle school child.  I am still doing this type of lunch for him when he packs his lunch instead of ordering, but I am using individual containers in his bigger......okay really big lunc bag!  For a 13 year old boy......we needed bigger!!!!   The container does come with straps to keep the lids attached, I took those off.  
I really like this container.  Easy to fill.  This morning I packed a bagel with cream cheese, grapes, carrot slivers, a blue berry muffin, half a banana, apple sauce, fruit stick and a rice crispy treat.  So far, these are a hit with the boys! They are deep so they hold a lot, and when you use the silicone muffin cups to separate, you can stack food if needed in a spot. 
What are your favorite lunch totes?  Bento lunch boxes? 
Happy First Day of School to Everyone!

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