Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Using Those Scraps! Valentine's cards! Yes, already!!!!!

I am on the ball!!!!!  Okay, this is a BIG brag because normally, I am not!!!!  I made some cards the other day and ended up with scraps, we all do, right?  I kept looking at those pieces of crumb cake cardstock.  What could I use them for???  I really hate to throw away scraps especially of my favorite color of cardstock: Crumb Cake  .  They were an odd size so even for 3X3 cards, my scraps wouldn't work.  Then a thought popped in my head..(it happens every now and again :) )  Valentine's cards!!! I love making homemade Valentine's for the boys to take to school.  My oldest is beyond this now, but it is fun for the two youngest yet!  
Here is what I came up with.  Since I have boys, I always try to make them not so girly.  Last year my homemade Valentines were:
This year I wanted to use another boy stamp set and the new You're My Hero Set .  My scraps were perfect for this project since the Valentines don't have to be a certain size! 

This is the inside of the card.  I used the Tags for You set (#131823) available from the Holiday catalog on August 1st with the making Bracket punch on the inside of the card.  I will add some slits in the fold of the card to add a sucker to each card.  The back of the card will say From and my child's name.  EASY!!!  I only made 10 of these since that was all the scraps I had at this time.    Maybe I will make a new design for the rest, maybe keep this same design.  Who knows!!!  But I am making this year's Valentine's out of SCRAPS ONLY!!!!!  Stay tuned!!!
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  1. love love love. I need to get working on mine ;)

  2. Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards.
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