Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

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We started back swim lessons with Owen and Jesse.  They both LOVE Miss Cindy.  She is the BEST swim teacher ever!!!  I have tried others and she just has a gift to teach the kids. She teaches the kids how to hold their breathe, how to swim, how to dive, several types of dives, and how to rescue someone!  Owen is my fish....he loves to swim and is a leader in class this year.  Jesse is coming along.  He can do it....he just has to be pushed yet to do it.  He does jump off the diving board each night and swims to the ladder.  All the kids have to do it each time.  Sounds scary to see your 6 year old that isn't swimming the best jump into 9 ft!!  But Miss Cindy is there and helps the kids and they all do it!!!!  

Owen being silly waiting on his turn for the diving board.  He jumps and dives off of it about 50 times a night!!! 

Jesse and my niece, Reese, waiting on their turns for the diving board. 
Swim lasts for two weeks everyday, Monday through Friday.  Then we take a break and do another session in August the same way.  It is amazing to see the progress in the kids!
Yesterday, I drove to Kinston, NC to pick up our new puppy.  Kinston is about four hours away from us.  I took my oldest and middle child with me.  We were supposed to go on Saturday but we have other plans for that day so it worked out to go during the week.  But a weekday trip meant *I* had to drive instead of the hubby!!!  It wasn't a bad trip.  And the best part was the prize at the halfway mark!  Our new PUPPY!!!  Bella.  She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She is a year old.  Bella was hand picked from a litter for the breeder to keep but turned out to be to small to breed.  She is only 12 pounds at a year old.  So the breeder wanted to find her a forever home.  We thought about a puppy but a year old, potty trained dog sounded good!!!  She was spayed and has all her shots up to date!  Perfect.
Kyle and Bella
Bella is very sweet.  Her name was Tinkerbell, but quite frankly that is a little to girlie for my boys, so they settled on Bella.  We had some other choices but this was the ONE name they all could agree on.  As you can see, she is ALREADY spoiled!!!!!

The boys fought over whose lap she was going to sleep on!!!  Owen and Bella

Just sweetness!!!!
I have an unopened Stampin' Up box on my floor.  With all the traveling and puppy excitement, I haven't had a chance to even open the box!!! Hopefully, tonight I can put some stuff away and play a bit.  I got some GREAT things in that box!!!  Super excited!!!! This was my preorder from the Holiday Catalog.  Can you say NEW BOW DIE!!!???  I am going to be putting bows on everything!!! 
My birchbox is delayed again this month....apparently it will be here on the 15th.  Poohey!!! 
Ipsy should be coming soon!  LOVE Ipsy!!
Those are my random thoughts for this Wednesday!  Link hop and visit friends!!!!
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  1. Unopened box now you sound like me ;)

    Boo for BB I hope our Ipsy don't take vacations this month.

  2. Visiting through Ramblings link up. Your puppy is so cute! We adopted ours when she was 18 months. She is now 9 years old with cancer. I would almost rather have another baby than deal with a puppy again! We have a swim instructor that we like best also. We just do private lessons through the high school rather than group lessons. Only $15 for half an hour.
    Visiting Through Thursday Thoughts

    1. Thank you!!!! Bella is a sweetie for sure! Sorry to hear about your dog.:(
      Finding the right swim teacher is a must!!!!

  3. We are doing swim lessons next month. Mommy/baby ones since the little guy is only 10 mos. Hoping he enjoys it as much as he loves bathtime.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you!!!!!! She is settling in nicely!!!!

  5. Michelle, you mentioned blogging about your new pup over on SC, so here I am! So is adorable! A good friend of mine has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel... a little guy named Wrigley. They are such cuties! The boys seem smitten.

    1. The boys are in love with her!!!! She is super sweet so it is easy!!! Even the cat is cool with her!!! This is our first little dog, we have always had big dogs. I had to bath her on Friday, and I have to was SSSSOOOOO easy!!!!! I think I am sold on the little dog idea!!!!!! She even let me blow dry her!!!! hee-hee!!!


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