Saturday, July 6, 2013

This and That Card Journal

Journal scrapbooks are all the crazy right now.  But a lot of traditional scrappers are confused as to how to use them.  Stampin' Up has  This and That Journal.  Pictured below is the journal and the rotary stamp and Epic Day stickers .  All coordinate together to make your journal fun and easy. 

And I will give you a teaser.....the new Holiday catalog that goes live on August 1st has a Holiday journal!!!  Very cute!
But the question to use this type of journal for scrapbooking?? 
Think outside the box.  This is YOUR journal, this can be as formal or as simple as YOU want it.  You can do traditional scrapping in it.  You can use it as a journal for writing.  You can use it to keep mementos of trips, a trip journal!  It can be a party planner, perfect for a wedding or birthday party!  Planning on building a house?  Perfect place to collect all those paint chip samples, room ideas, receipts!  Cookbook, adding in your notes and even including pictures your creations!  Perfect to give your kids when they get married- have mom's recipes all in one spot and best of all in mom's handwriting with tips!  A treasured gift for sure!!  For kids, these are a GREAT beginning scrapbook.  Kids love to journal, they love to draw, they love to create and collect...this is the perfect place!  There is no limit to what you can do with these journals. 
I have several of these journals started and are works in progress.  Today I wanted to share my card journal.  What and why???  My card journal is a place that I take a picture of all the cards I make and put them in the journal.  I can make notes about the card such as colors used, embellishments, sketch used, anything I would want to remember about the card.  I give a lot of cards away and this is a great way for me to keep a record of what I have made or color combinations that I loved!  (this would work for any handmade gifts you do!!!!)
This is a card that I made recently for a note card set.  I included the colors I used, embellishments used.  This is a great time to put out that washi tape and make it pretty with little work!!!

Journals are a great place to use those extra alpha stickers, left over stickers that you will never use on a layout. 


These journals are LOTS of FUN and easy!!!!  The hardest part is starting!  Take the plunge, and just start one!  Don't worry!  Just dive in!   Happy Crafting!

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