Sunday, July 14, 2013

Put a Bow on it!!!!!!

I am so excited for the new Holiday Stampin' Up catalog to go live on August 1st!  There are some great products in it!!!  There is always something in the catalog that gets me very excited!  This year, there are several items that I LOVE!  The new Bow Die is one of them.  I love packages that look great with great bows on them, but quite frankly, I suck at making bows.  I can tie an okay bow.  But making bows with paper....I am hopeless.  The new die makes it sssssssoooooo easy!!!!  
I am not allowed to show you the actual product until the catalog goes live, it is a die for the Big Shot.  This is the instructions that come with the die to make the bows.  Or maybe I should say, some of the bows you can make.  There are a lot of possibilities!!!

Two of the pieces to make the large bow.  (the die cuts more than just these two!!!)
The die cuts all the pieces you need to make the bows!  If you want to customize your bows, just cut more pieces with the die! 

This is the first step to make the large bow.  You take the ends and simply bend into the center and adhere with adhesive.  I used DSP for this bow.  I liked the two sides to the bow, you can use DSP or even just cardstock.  Or get fancy and mix them both together!!!

Fold both ends into the center.  Adhere.

Side view of the bow.

Now you take the rectangle piece and adhere the center of it to the front of your bow, and wrap around the ends and adhere to the back.  Simple!

Top view of the large bow.

The die also cuts tails for your bow.  These can be used two different ways.  
You can use them to make tails for your bow.  Cute!

And if you use DSP, you can flip your tails over for a different look.

Or you can use your tails like a bow tie, sideways.  
This is my favorite look for the bow!  And you can play with this, flip your tails over for a different look.  Or use a matching color of cardstock! 

side view of the bow
But the die doesn't stop there!  It also does a smaller bow.  The look is the same but smaller! 

You have to use two of these pieces to make the smaller bow, for the smaller bow, you will need to cut two of them by running it twice through the Big Shot.  
Very similar to the large bow, you bend the ends together and adhere. 
This is the two ends bent together. 

This is the two ends adhered together. 

The large rectangle piece wrapped around to cover the center of the bow. 
side view of the smaller bow

I wanted to play and see what I could stack together to make different bows.  

I added a little bling to the center.  But you can also add a brad, ribbon, twine, or you can change the look by using cardstock.  I really love this die.  It makes it very easy and there are lots of possibilities!  My brain is already starting to think of OTHER things I can make with this die.  I am thinking of a flower....... Stay tuned!!!!!

Remember the bow die doesn't go on sale till August 1st!!!  It won't be on the website until then.  You can shop

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  1. Ok now I have to get this die. I love the bow tie look. So great and useful.

    1. I agree!!! My favorite new item in the Holiday catalog!

  2. Absolutely love this. I agree, now I have to get this die!

  3. I am so sitting next to you at convention so you can cover me in bows.

    1. I wish I was going to convention!!!!! Just couldn't swing it this year!!! I can't wait to see all the great convention news though!!!

  4. Ohhh! I so need this die! Definitely on my short list! Love!

  5. Not sure I need this. But I can't wait to see what you do with it!!


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