Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July Ipsy Review

It makes me so delighted to get my pink envie in the mail!  It's Ipsy time!!!!  I am loving this month's bag:
It came in a wonderful tubular see through bag.  CUTE!!!  I think it is one of the things I like about ipsy the most....what BAG is gonna come?? I reuse these bags all the time!  They are great to organize my work bag, purse, gym bag.......I can find a use for all these great bags!!!  
The first item is a Pouty Pop Crayon for the lips.  I love lip crayons.  This one goes one nice.  The color is a little to pink for me so I will need to tone it down with some gloss.  Still a nice product.
Next up is eye shadow!!!!  I LOVE eye shadow!!!
When you sign up for ipsy, you fill out a questionaire, I filled out mine to be more daring so these colors are more bold.  I like the Hollywood purple and the San Francisco color.  The Malibu is the one that I will have the most trouble wearing.  Yellow is hard to wear without it looking like a bruise on your eye!!!  I'll work on it!!!  The case closes with a magnet to protect the shadows.  Very nice!
The next item is Big Sexy Hair spray.  I don't use a ton of hair spray so this can will last me a long time.  But I do like that it is Weather Proof....as the south is finally heating up after all the rain we have had, the humidity is HIGH!!!  Remember on FRIENDS, the episode where Monica's hair grew and grew more frizzy....yup, THOSE kinda days are here!!!!  I can't wait to see if this helps!!!

The next item is from Coola- Mineral Sunscreen.  It's organic.  Okay, that sounds good.  I haven't tried this one yet.  It will only get my seal of approval IF it does not sting around my eye area , some sunscreens sting me.  I am sure this is MY weird hang up but I won't use sunscreen if it stings my skin. 

The last item is a roll on perfume- Salt Air.  When I saw this one, I thought....ho-hum.  I normally don't like the perfumes that come in the boxes I get.  Not because they aren't nice, I just normally wear two perfumes and that's it.  But I gave it a try this morning.  I am LOVING this one!!! It has a very subtle smell, very clean.  It is a GREAT summer fragrance.  Not to strong and heavy.  Clean and light!  I might even be ordering this one!!!

Overall, I love this month's bag!!!   Ipsy is a monthly subscription box (but it comes in a cute bag) each month for ~$10.  It is mailed to you each month.  Samples are based on your profile that you fill out.  This is one of my favorite subscriptions!!!
I do earn points for anyone that signs up under my link:
Do you get Ipsy??  What was in your bag this month??

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  1. I don't think our bags could have been any more different. LOL Loved them all though.


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