Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hautelook Summer Essentials Bag Review

This is my first Huatelook bag.  They offer these sample bags every so often.  For $20 plus shipping. 
First off the bag is cute!  I was disappointed to find out the polka dots are an insert so the bag is clear.  Clear is good too but I liked the polka dots.  Nice good size bag!
It was packed full of goodies!!!

First up, Miracle 10 AHA Cream.  It is cream so I will use it, it is supposed to exfoliate as well.  I have liked other Miracle 10 products so I am hopeful for this one too!

Now this is the silliest thing: my FAVORITE item!!!!  Yes, my favorite item in the whole bag is a  Grab N Go Pony Compact.  I love this!!!!  How smart!!!  It is silly because it is so simple but what a GREAT idea!!!  I can't tell you how many hair ties I have floating around in my handbag right now!!  No more!!  This was filled with a couple of my favorite twist ties and went straight into my bag!!!

next up is L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream.  This will come in handy during the winter months!  I have loved all my L'Occitane items before so I am sure I will love this as well!

Forgive the HORRIBLE picture, but my iphone was not focusing on it, something with the shiney writing was throwing it off.  It is a 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil from Urban Decay.  The color is nice and I will wear by with some gloss!
Next up is the Diptque Fragrance.  It says that it is for men and woman??  I am confused.  I don't want to smell like a man so I might need to try this one out at home first before wearing it in public.  Also what struck me was look how big the box was for such a little sample.  Apparently not an earth conscious company!!  SMH!!

My second favorite is the NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick.  The color is GREAT.  I think it is the perfect summer color, but I do wear this type of shade all year long.  I even wore it this morning!!! 

The next item is Whish Body Butter.  I am sure to love this.  I got their shaving cream a while back in another bag smells WONDERFUL!!!!  Since I am all about the scent, I am sure this will be a hit with me as well.  It's Orange Cream!! 

This is the weirdest item I got.  It is a Nano-peptide natural Eyelash Conditioner from Lashfood.  First off, I didn't even know that I needed to condition my lashes. And I don't know what a nano-peptide is...but apparently, my lashes crave it!!   I'll give it a shot!!! 
The crown brush set was next.  Right before I got married, I bought some Channel makeup brushes.  Those two brushes have lasted me 16 plus years!  I have added to my brushes, gotten some different angled ones over the years.  I am sure to use these brushes.  If nothing else, they go really good in my travel bag!!
I am excited to try the Lorac Special Effects Mascara in black.....that is what the sheet says, in black.  I am not sure there should be any other color of mascara.  Black, that's it!!!  LOL!!  I have wanted to try a mascara like this out for awhile now so this is a great item for me!
The Blow Pro hairspray was next.  I like the size because it does travel well.  I don't use a ton of hairspray so this will last me a long time.  I have never used this brand so we will see what I think!  If it helps with the humidity and frizz which is what the card says it does, I may be a fan.  But let's face it, in the south, it is hard to help with the humidity!

The next item is a Tan Towel.  I am not a fan of tanning and I am not really a fan of self tanners either.  I would NEVER use self tanners on my face, I think it makes your face look dirty!!!  Ask me how I know this!!!

The last item is the Mirenesse Lip Bomb.  I am loving that I got a sparkle color.  My friend got a NEON color that I would NEVER use!!!!!  This I will use! 
Overall, this bag was a hit for me, I will order next time! You can find more info out at
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. hehehe are you sure you don't want to trade for my NEON? I'd be glad to pass it your way ;) and I agree no tanning on the face I'm thinking maybe legs to just tone down the glare a little bit. :)

  2. I'm so jealous you got the sparkle color!!!! I got the neon one too and...ugh!! Gave it away to My friends sister.


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