Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

I am totally in love with this pup!!!!  Bella is the sweetest!!!  This is her napping on my chair.  Since I was in the kitchen, she decided to hang over the edge, the better to see me!!!!  I swear, I thought she was going to fall out of the chair!  She also thinks it is very fun to climb into the chair, and jump out this side too! 

This is Bella and Kyle on the way to the shop one morning this week.  Can you say spoiled???

I finally finished my first cross stitch in the Santa/Snowman series I am doing.  This project has been a pain.  First of all, it is dark material.  Then the material also has specks of glitter in it.  Then to top it off, it is a kit, so the threads are a pain to figure out which color they mean in the chart.  I would much rather use DMC thread.  They are really pretty but I will be glad to be done with the project.  Three more to go!!!
My middle son and I had breakfast together before getting his braces on.....or so we thought.  Braces are confusing.  Owen has to have an expander put in, and the expander didn't fit so they are sending it back to be remade.  But I thought he was getting his braces at the same time. Guess not.  He will have the expander, we will turn the key for a couple of weeks to expand.  Then he is in a holding pattern and THEN they will put the braces on to start to fit the cross bite. The expander may or may not be still in his mouth when he gets his braces.   So confusing!!!  Oh well, he enjoyed the mommy time out to breakfast with me!!!

Then Owen went with me to get my hair done.  Silly pictures of him!!!

Owen is trying to cross his eyes here.  What silliness!!!!

I told him he looks like he is pooping in this picture.  Of course to an eight year, that's funny stuff!!!

Bella wondering why I am waking her up!!!
Back to Miss Bella.  Do you see a pattern here???

Napping in my chair....again!!!

Napping at the office, by my feet!!!  My husband calls her Shadow because she follows me everywhere.  He says she is a good-for-nothing-pot-licker.  (all in good fun).  I keep telling him she is good for putting a smile on my face, which she does very well!!  I can't help but smile, she is sssssooooo sweet!!!!

Now for the most exciting pictures....the new Thinlits Card Dies are coming to Stampin' Up!!!!  August 1st!!!
I am thrilled!!!  They were announced at the convention today!  
They already have flyers ready for customers on the demo site!  Prices are awesome for what you get!!!

This is the first set, and you get the smaller dies as well with the set.
This is the circle set!  They create the fold cards you saw.  Amazing!!!  I am all over framelits!  Anything that makes it easy to create!  These are very exciting!!!!

Both sets together!  I love that they come with all those accessories to really spice up your folding card!!!
Suggestions sets that can coordinate.  But I always find TONS more that work!!  Can't wait to play and create!!!  Is it August 1st yet??!!!
Details for the card dies

I will be placing an order on August 1st!!!  I haven't seen anything on the market like these!  Loving it!!! 
So that's all I have today!
Hope you enjoyed stopping by!

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  1. Oh looks good. I can't wait for these. They are so exciting to play with.

    Still loving Bella. She's so cute.


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