Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clay + molds = endless fun!

I was thrilled to see clay and molds in the new Stampin' Up catalog.
I couldn't wait to get it and play!!!  And I don't think I have stopped yet!!!
The clay comes white but can be easily dye to any color you choose.  Reinkers are an easy way to color the clay.  You can also use markers after you have let it dry.  You can also use embossing powder as well!  The ideas are endless!!!  You can use gloves when mixing the reinker into the clay.  I find it easier without gloves. 

The molds are really easy to use.  But you can also stamp into the clay or use the cookie presses.  Some have even rolled the clay really flat and used framelits to cut it into shapes.  The ideas are endless!  The best thing is if your results don't turn out well, simple roll it back up and try again! 

There are a couple of tips that I have when working with the clay and the molds.  A little bit goes a long way.  I only take out a pinch at a time.  I can reload my molds several times with that little bit!  You will notice the mold is a little white looking.  I have dusted the mold with my embossing buddy.  It helps the clay come out of the mold.  I have also used some glitter that I had on hand.  Even better, when I use glitter, I end up with glittery embellishments!

When I am mixing reinker into my clay, I found that I need a couple more drops for lighter colors than with darker colors.  But start with 6-7 drops first and then add more until you reach the color intensity that you want. 

Pool Party and Calypso Coral dyed clay.  Pool Party needed more drops than the Calypso Coral did.  

After I dyed the clay, it is time to put it into the molds.  I pinch off a bit from my dyed clay and smoosh it into the mold.  I keep pressing until the clay is level with the mold making a flat back to my embellishment.  I will take off any extra that I don't need.  Don't worry if it isn't perfect, you can trim the embellie once it is dry as well!!!  For the button molds, you do have to push until the button holds poke through.  I push the clay until the clay is almost off the button holes.  Then I take my finger nail and clean off the button holes well.  Taking time in this step will ensure a better result later.  I keep pressing around the holes to make sure the clay is even around the holes.  To make it easier, I pop my filled molds into the freezer for about 20 minutes.  When I take them out, I will bend the molds to that I can get a good release.  (The molds are silicone so it doesn't work them at all!).

Once the embellies are out of the molds, they need to fully dry.  I find that the clay works best after it has set out a bit.  So as I make more embellies, the clay has dried out a bit and makes it easier to use.  Even after an hour, the clay is still able to be molded so it doesn't dry that fast. I love the buttons mold!  Best part is that I can have any color I need!  The clay buttons are also very light so they are perfect for mailing or putting in your scrapbooks.  I let my embellies dry overnight.  I am sure they don't need this long.  I could also speed it up using my heat gun.  But I normally make them one day and use them the next.  In the morning if there are any stray pieces of clay, I take my snips and trim around the embellie.  
This is the flower mold.  They make very pretty flowers!

This is from the largest mold. 

I had some clay left over so I mixed them together.  This was the result I got.  There are so many possibilities with this clay!  Great for scrapbooking, cards, hairbows, even jewelry!  You can push a brad into the clay to make a fun embellie.  I find that liquid glue adheres these best to paper.  So much fun!!!


  1. ok I need to get mine out this week and play. You have inspired me. Clay may need to go in the take to retreat list.

  2. Thanks for your tips...I was having trouble with my button one. I am gonna try the freezer tip and see if that doesn't help. So far I have yet to successfully make a button!!


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