Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birch Box Review- July

I am a little late posting my July Birch Box review.  
The first item was some decorative bobby pins.  They are cute.  These are a little big for my hair unless I use them with a ponytail (thin hair!!!) but I am sure I will get some use out of them!!  And here is the scrapper in me:  I will be using the decorative kraft sheet that the bobby pins are on in my scrapbooking!!!!  How cute is the design??!!!
The next item is a small sample from The Balm, Instain - blush.  
This is a very small sample of blush but a decent color. 

How to Use

Dab your blush brush into the color, tap off excess, and dust it onto the apples of your cheeks. Don’t be intimidated by the neon-ness, but be careful to use it sparingly—a little goes a long way! The lightweight powder is made for layering, so you can build to achieve a bright, rosy hue.          
   A little goes a long way so I am sure this will last for awhile! 

The next item is Number 4 Super Comb hair prep & protect.

How it Works

Natural conditioners—including black currant, soy yogurt, algae, and yerba mate—combine to restore hydration to dry hair, while the unique UV/Color Polar Shield protects dyed or sun-exposed locks. Soy and vegetable proteins repair damage caused by heat and chemical styling. And don’t forget about the defrizzing factor—anti-static technology tames flyaways, making hair more manageable and easy to style.

How to Use

After shampooing, wring excess moisture from hair and towel dry. Holding the spray bottle upright, spritz product evenly. Using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers, gently work the product through hair from root to tip. Style as usual.
  I have to say, it is okay. I have used it several times.  Not sure I see any noticeable difference in my hair.  It is not greasy and does not weigh the hair down at all which is always a concern with my hair. really doesn't have a smell to it and I do like good smelling hair products!
The next item is eye cream from Benefit, It's potent! 

How it Works

A team of actives, including cocoa extract, boosts microcirculation and helps fade the look of dark circles. Sodium hyaluronate creates a moisture shield on skin. A heroic peptide complex works to restore under-eye skin, while botanicals provide serious backup support. With apple extract to up the collagen count and loquat extract to fight free radicals, you’re covered.

How to Use

Place a tiny bit of cream on fingertips and smooth on under eye skin.
 I have not had time to use it yet but I plan on using it soon.  It is supposed to help with dark circles, while I don't have dark circles under my eyes....can't hurt to prevent huh???
The next item is DDF acne control treatment.  While most people wouldn't be excited about this, I am.  My son is 13 and I am sure the acne will be starting any day now!!!  I always tell him to wash his face and provide him with facial cleaner but as those teen years kick in, I am sure we will get some use out of this sample!!!

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  1. WOW I'm not sure our boxes could have been more different. LOL Yours looks really good this month. I've decided Sat I'm going to try out some box products instread of just hoarding them. ;) I'm going to try some the salt air spray that everyone is raving on and maybe one of my bb or cc creams. I'll have to go from there.


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