Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stamping Supplies- What do I need?

First time stamper?  Want to start stamping?  This is the perfect post for you.  I enjoy making cards, banner, and scrapbook pages with stamps.  Most people get a stamp and get ink and are ready to start stamping.  Yes, you are.....but there are a couple of things I think every stamper needs.
Once you get your ink and your stamp or as many of us become: stamp hoarders.....so your STAMPS....you need something to keep those stamps looking and performing well for you.  And it is important to note that stained stamps still work!  I find this especially important to keep in mind when using photopolymer stamps (totally clear stamps).  Photopolymer stamps tend to stain
a little more but that will not affect the way the stamp works at all....as long as it is CLEAN!  Stained and clean are two different things! Stained will not come off when cleaned with your mist. 

So what do you need to clean your stamps?  Stamp cleaner of course!
Long before I was a demo, I ONLY bought Stampin' Up mist to clean my stamps. I bought ONE bottle of a store brand cleaner and I couldn't wait to finish the bottle. I found the smell of the other cleaner to be awful! Stampin' Up mist doesn't bother me at all and cleans my stamps wonderfully.  After I bought my first bottle, I have never bought anything else again. This picture shows the mist spray bottle that I keep in my crafting caddy and the refill bottle. This last me a long time. I might order another refill bottle once every 8 months?? Maybe once a year???  And that is if I do a lot of stamping.

The next item that I think is a stampin' must is a Stampin' Scrub.  What is a Stampin' Scrub?  It is a large pad that you spray the stamp cleaner onto and scrub your stamp.  It helps get into all the little corners of your stamp.  The worst thing to happen to a stamper is to get dark ink left over on a stamp in a light stamp pad.  If you clean your stamps, this won't happen!!! 


Stampin' Up recently made the Stampin' Scrub bigger!!  I love the bigger size especially for my background stamps.  This picture shows the old pad vs the new Scrub.

I think the new pad is even denser than the old pad so it scrubs better. I keep my old pad for my boys.  They love to stamp and create so they have their own scrubber!!! 

This picture show the corner of the Scrub is marked with rain icon- this is where you spray your mist onto. 

And this side is marked with the sun icon- you use this side to dry your stamp after you scrub it on the wet side.  Easy!!! After a day of stamping, I take my scrub to my kitchen sink and run it under COLD water with the spray nozzle.  You will see the ink run off in the drain.  I spray until the water is clear AND the water isn't foamy from the cleaner anymore.  I clean both sides of my scrubber this way.  I leave it in the drain board to dry overnight and it is good as new and ready to clean some more.  Do not use HOT water.  It tends to lift up the pad from the base.  You don't have to use any soap or anything else other than cold water.   This helps keep your stamps looking great and clean!  A must have for every stamper!

Happy Stampin'!!!!


  1. Very helpful post - thank you! I don't usually clean my stamps (I know - lame) and only recently got stamp cleaner and a scrub, but I had no idea you were supposed to clean the scrub!

  2. Awesome post. I don't have the new pads but I might need it just for the rain and sun alone ;)


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