Monday, June 10, 2013

Nail Polish Necklaces

I wish I could say that I am so crafting that I came up with this idea.....but no, I stole this idea from my kids!!!  Well, the teachers at my kids' school!  They did this project with the kids as a fundraiser.  The kids bought the necklaces for little money. They were big hits as Mother's Day gifts.  My sister needed some end of the year teacher gifts.  The necklaces popped into my mind!  Her kids go to a different school so it was perfect!  These make great teacher's gifts, Mother's Day gifts, or whenever you need a homemade gift! My boys even made some and wear them - they didn't use any pink.....but theirs came out great!  And even boyish!!! I think they just love wearing something they made! 
  In the new Holiday catalog from Stampin' Up- they are coming out with some new stampable cotton bags.  These necklaces would be the perfect gift to stick in there and stamp on the bags!!  I will be recycling this idea around Christmas time!  Now on to the necklaces!!!

This is a finished one done with crackle nail polish- pink and black nail polish.  You need to get the stones.  The stones are clear stones that you use in fish tanks or flower vases- but you need the ones that are FLAT on one side.  I found them at the dollar store for a bag of them.  $1 for a bag- Not bad!!!  Michaels had some that were slightly bigger that were $2.49 a bag.  I like the bigger ones better but either works.  We used the dollar ones to practice with the kids.  I figured they could paint and practice....I bought four bags, and they did TONS of them!!!!  Then they did their favorite combos on a big one.  They had a great time.

You also need a glue on necklace thingie......descriptive right???  I found these at Michaels, but they carry them at most of the craft stores. (the silver necklace thingie!!!)  Any design will work.  I even found some heart ones that I got at a craft show last year.  I found in packages of three.  They were about $3.99.  I am sure there are better deals to be found on them OR use a craft coupon! They need to be glued on so you will also need the E600 glue.  It is found at craft stores as well.  I bought the smallest tube and could do at least 1,000 more necklaces!  Okay maybe not 1,000 but a lot more!!!  And the last thing you need is your necklace.  I used the cording- I picked it up at Hobby Lobby.  I got a roll of it and we did at least 8 necklaces and still had extra- so a roll goes a long way.  You can also put it on a chain- most of us have a chain that we can use.  For gifts- the cording is best best- I think a roll was about $11.99. There are tons of different sizes and even colors of cording.  You can get leather cording- it was more money but it is whatever look you like- just make sure it will fit through the necklace bezzel.

Now the fun need nail polish.  Any color you want.  I will say that the glittery ones look the best, in my opinion.  You paint only the back side- so basically the flat side! have fun with it!  Anything you can paint on those stones will work. My neice did a cute One Direction design!  I love working with kids- they come up with some GREAT ideas.   You first paint the stones with clear nail polish, let dry a minute or two.  Then begin to paint.  Finish off with some more clear nail polish.  And you have your necklaces!!!

this was one of my favorites.  I loved the sparkle.  (this one was unmounted yet). This one when mounted- you will see the necklace bezzle through the stone.  Just keep in mind if that bothers you- use a darker color.

I love polka dots so this was a fun one! 
This is a fun and easy project for you and the kids!
Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. What a great fun idea! I'll try it, have tons of nail polish I won't dare use. LOL Maybe I should buy some glittery ones now. Thanks for sharing!


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