Thursday, June 13, 2013

My First Project Life

I have been seeing some GREAT Project Life projects lately.  I have been wanting to try out this new format for a while now.  This summer it is my project!  Nothing to hard- just document our summer!  If you don't know what Project Life is, it is supposed to be an easy way to scrapbook using divided page protectors.  The smaller spaces, making it quicker and easier!
This is my first page.  The hardest part that I found is that I have two different types of inserts.  Either all the pictures are horizontal or all the pictures or vertical on the inserts.  I think the next book I do, I will look for a mixture on each page.  This has been the only limitation I have found.  It isn't a big deal, I have shuffled the photos so that they are still "in order" but work on the page. I have to adjust slightly the order but overall it still keeps the book flowing.  It also helped if I used one page protector that was horizontal and the next page protector being vertical and altering every other one.

The best part of doing a Project Life album is that you put your photos in and then use some of the spaces to decorate.  I found decorating the smaller spaces, different.  Not bad, you just have to rethink how you scrap.  This is easier with the journaling cards that came with my album.  They are already precut to the correct sizes- I simply added my titles and accessories. For the first time doing this project, that helped a lot.  But it is not necessary and next time I will be more comfortable to venture out and cut my own.  In this picture, I used one of the Stampin' Up bottle caps.  Oh how I love them!  So sad that they didn't make the main catty.  I have a BIG stash of them because I love them so!!!  Flattened in my big shot!  Great for an added layer behind my embellies!

To me- the journaling is the most important part of PL.  Why did you put these pictures in your album?  What was happening?  This is a diary of our summer- in pictures!

I used washi tape here to add the date.  I used the new Stampin' Up rotary stamp to put the actual date on the washi tape.  I think washi tape is going to become very handy in PL!

For the first page, it went fast.  I think as I get going in this project- decorating the pages will become easier and faster.  And hopefully even more detailed!  I am having a lot of fun with PL!!!!  Have you tried it yet??


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