Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ipsy is here!

I am not sure what happened to my ipsy this month, it must have went on vacay again!  Last month it went to Georgia even though it is mailed out less than 10 miles from my house!!  I seem to be very late getting mine.  But I have to say......it was WORTH the wait!!!! 
I adore the pink envie in my mailbox!!!  If you don't know, ipsy is a month subscription that arrives to your house each month.  You fill out a questionnaire and samples are based on those answers.  This is more of a makeup type bag each month.  If you are interested my link is: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-hebltr0sj8a76bg
(I receive points to use towards merchandise purchase) 
It is $10 + tax  with free shipping!!  
Each month, your samples, which most are full size products, come in a GREAT makeup bag.  I am LOVING this months'!!!  Leopard print!  YES PLEASE!!!!!
The first product is a lip pencil.  I love lip pencils.  This one is more of a liner vs. all over color because it is thin.  But I used it as an all over color and add some gloss.  This color was Tickle Me Pink.  Way to pinky for me in the summer time.  I like more of a nude color for summer, but I will probably enjoy come the fall.  This is a nice full size product!  
Now this one, the Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner had me a bit confused.  I normally use pencil eye liners OR just use a eye shadow color and wet the end of my brush to make it damp to apply as liner.  I was up for the challenge of a gel.  I have another picture at the bottom of the post for when I actually used it.  Just another note.....I LOVE IT!!!!!
There are directions on the box too!  Be not afraid to try gel!!!!  
The next item is a Cream Blush- Rouge by NYX.  I have to say, I wasn't excited about this.  Not really a fan of cream blush.  BUT.....I gave it a try.  I take it BACK!  It is AWESOME!!!  I used my fingers to apply- start with a little and then add more, if needed.  I love the color, I loved the ease of use! I was able to apply right where I wanted it!  Perfect!  I am now a fan!!!! 

This is probably the only thing in the bag that I wasn't crazy about.  I don't use highlighters much.  It is a nice full product.  I did use it under and in the inner corner of my eye this morning.  It goes on easy.  Just not sure how much I will use it.  But for those that do use highlighters, it is a nice product by Hexxa.
The last item was the Sparking Cream Palette color.  I was a little taken back by the colors, but I did put in my ipsy profile that I am adventurous with makeup.  This colors are loud and bright.  In the summer, I wear a lot of peachy, tan, nude colors on my eyes.  It is soft and beachy looking.  Is that a word??  I used some of this this morning on my eyes, just in the corner.  I used the second one from the left.  It was a shade or so darker than my eye shadow so it gave a little definition to my eye.  It is a cream.  Goes on smooth.  But with the sparkle, it isn't the best thing.  I would that it creases easily, and I use eye shadow base!  I found that it worked better applying my eye color OVER it, which made it hold on better and since it was darker than my eye shadow color, it still sparkled and gave definition. 

EDITED: After reviewing this on ipsy, I realized that it is not intended for eyes, it is body glitter.  Okay, now I am confused because I would not sure this on my body AT ALL!!!!   What the heck??  yellow body glitter???  Okay, after reviewing that, I am gonna give this a thumbs down.  The colors are to odd for body glitter.  And the other colors in the samples were worst!  Who wants black body glitter??  If you want to use it for your eyes, then maybe a useable product, if you are using it for your body....you are going to look black and blue!  Or in my sample...yellow and orange!!!!!

These are two of the colors on my hand so you can see, they are glittery!!!
I am not sure these could be used alone as eye color.  They are a little to creamy for that, I think they would crease off really easily.  These are bright!  I would say for a night out, or to step up your eye color, these are cute!
This is the eye gel taken apart to use.  I was surprised the color was a purple, which is VERY pretty.  And you put it on with a brush.  I am not sure how Gel-ish this is but it goes on very easily and is similar to cream eye shadow in feel.  It has stayed on well.  I would definitely buy this product by itself!!!!
I loved this month's bag!!! The samples were great and the bag is super cute!!!
Have you joined ipsy yet???

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