Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birch Box Review for June

It is Birch Box time!!!  I love getting the pink box in the mail!!

This month's theme was wanderlust.  

The first item was Klorane Dry Shampoo.  I have never used dry shampoo.  I wash my hair everyday.  I tried this one morning. It is light weight, clean feeling.  I have dark hair and this doesn't show or look powdery at all.  (I talked to the girl that does my hair and she said some of the dry shampoos will show up on very dark colored hair).  For those that like dry shampoo, I think this one would be a good choice.  I am still going to wash everyday!  I can see this as being helpful in the late afternoon on a hot and humid day for an extra lift.  I will pull it out and use it for that as well.
The next item is Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.  This is a hydrating mineral powder.  You are supposed to use it to absorb oil on your face.  I haven't used this one yet, but it is summertime so I am sure I can find a hot afternoon that this will come in handy for!  It is translucent so I think it will work fine over any powder you could use.  

The next item is nail polish.  This one is a mint green color.  I would not use this on my nails at all.  Just not my color.   But I am putting it in my drawer for my niece- with all these nail colors- she is going to get a nice little bag of them at Christmas time.  I can also use this for the nail polish necklaces that I posted the other day!!  
Now on to my FAVORITE item of the box!!!!  I know this is silly but my favorite item is the twist band!  I love these twist bands!  As someone who has fine hair, hair ties can get tangled in my hair very easily.  When that happens, I end up with damage!  These twist ties don't damage my hair at all.  They don't hold super tight so you do have to get used to that.  But it is better for your hair if your hair tie isn't tight!!!  They don't leave kinks in your hair!  And are SUPER cute!!!  And how cute are those seahorses?!!!!!  I liked them so much, I placed an order at .  I got a monthly shipment with them for a year!!!  YES, I LOVE THESE!!!!!

The last item is the Furlesse Frown Line reducing patches.  This one I am most confused about.  You place the adhesive side onto clean dry skin before bed.  I don't have frown lines, so I am not sure I am a good one to try this.  I use night cream often so a patch doesn't excite me. I will pass this on to someone else.

The box also came with these adorable postcards!  I love these!  I am not sure if I will mail them out, or if I will use them in a scrapbook. 
For me, this month's box was okay, not overly bad, not overly good.  My favorite item, the twist band, makes this one a hit!!!  Yeah, I am that silly!!!!!
Birchbox is a month subscription box that is delivered to your door!  Sign up today! Birchbox  (this is my link, I receive points to use towards full size products!)

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  1. Agree this month was meh to me too. I do however love my polish color so that helps my box and I already loved twistbands. :)


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