Thursday, May 23, 2013

Triple Time Stamping with the Bootiful Occasions Stamp Set

This is a card I did a while ago but I wanted to share it.  One, I love Triple Time Stamping.....not sure if that is the "official name" but that is the name I call it!!!  Two: I was thrilled to see this stamp set return in the new catalog!  It is a great set and a lot of fun! To see the stamp set click:
It is not something I do often but I love tone on tone stamping. 
I will say that I modified this stamp to meet my needs.  What does that mean???  I changed it!!  Somewhat.  The sentiments are attached to each "boot" in the set.  Sometimes I want the sentiments, sometimes I don't.  My solution: to cut the sentiments off each boot- I make a straight as possible cut with my paper snips.  In doing so, I can line them back up together when I want the sentiments, or keep them apart.  OR  use the sentiments as separate stamps!  This solution works for me.  It is simple- I still have the original stamps.  Perfect.  If you find a stamp that doesn't quite work for you....consider changing it!!!
As the week is winding down, I am looking to a quieter weekend.  No soccer games this weekend.  I am hoping to get some crafting done on Saturday but I really need to trim the dog.  Hmmmmm.....maybe it will rain and I will HAVE to craft!!!  LOL!!!

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