Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Paper Pumpkin ROCKS!!

For all those that don't know what My Paper Pumpkin is.....let me explain.  It is a monthly subscription box from Stampin' Up.  It has everything you need in it to create your project for the month. Each month is different.  ($19.95/month)- Check out the website for more information: https://mypaperpumpkin.com/en/  there is a FAQ tab or feel free to ask me any questions you like, I would be happy to help. - if you do sign up, please put me as your demonstrator- Michelle McGraw, Concord, NC.
We have gotten three kits so far, and I think the kits are WONDERFUL!!!!!  The first kit was a card set, nice.  The second set was a card set with some awesome stamps that were right up my alley!  This month's set........a mini album!!!!  LOVE it!!!!
Here is how the box is shipped to you.  Nice and bright orange....it lit up inside my mailbox!!!!  SCREAMED FUN is HERE!!!!!  :) 

The great thing about the kits is that is has everything you need to create!  Keep in mind, you also get the stamps which will work for other projects too!  AND a stampin' spot. I love these little ink pads.  Before I bought all the ink pads in full size, I had the ink spot sets.  You can use these the same way you use a full pad.  Best of all, they are small and take up hardly any room.  I can grab my spots for crops since they are handy!

The two stamps this month are "The Good Life" and an arrow with the words "Love this".  GREAT stamps for scrapbookers!!!! 

Each month's kit comes with your instruction sheet with a color photograph of the project.  How cute is this book????

This is the full kit laid out.  Lots of papers, lots of sticker sheets. Love it!!!

Now here is where I got a little photo happy.  BUT.....I wanted to show all the sides to the papers. 

This shows the sticker sheets- there are two of each included.  Leftovers!!!

I love getting My Paper Pumpkin each month.  I will be using this book for either my son's graduation next week OR his camp trip with his school.  I will be sure come back and post my finished project.

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