Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just had to share!!!

I was talking to someone at work today and a customer was standing there.  We were talking about my two boys that are dyslexic.  The guy pipes up and says his son is dyslexic too.  I told him that was my short answer, that my oldest also has Auditory Processing Disorder.  He says his son does too!!!  Now I am interested!!!  If you have ever had to deal with APD, it is a mess!!!!  We did tons of work with our son, tutoring, fast forward!  Work, work , work!!!  Bless his heart!!!!  BUT, once he got to fourth grade, his teacher told me that she knew from his file, what he had going on, but she doesn't see it in the classroom!!! AMEN!!!  All those tears, on his part and mine!!!!  I am proud to say Kyle is amazing!!!  He has went from struggling in school to sailing right by!!!  I was amazed that this man told me that his son did Fast Forward too!  If you have a child with APD, I highly recommend it!  It isn't cheap, and is very time consuming but.......amazing results!!!  It retrains the brain to hear sounds.  Amazing!  This guy told me his son is now at Ohio State in the honors program!  I got goose bumps!!!!  
I don't talk about it often, but I am super proud of Kyle. (don't tell him a teen, this could make his head swell .....bigger!!!  hee-hee)  He is a great kid!!!  I had people look at me like I had two heads when I told them I was going to do Fast Forward with Kyle.  They hadn't heard of it, or didn't believe it would work.  It is with a smile on my face that Kyle will BEG to go to the used book store to get some new books!!!!  There is help out there for learning disabilities!!!  It doesn't mean your child is dumb.  Kyle's IQ is extremely high.  It means that everyone goes down the road to learning, some kids take the smooth straight path.  Kids with learning disabilities take a curvy winding road....they get there, there is just more hills and valleys on their journey.  And some say......the trip is more interesting!!!!

Kyle, Owen, and camo boys!!!!  Don't you just love that Jesse has his hat pulled down so low that his ears are bent!!! Love it!!!!! 

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