Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

I love the idea of a week in review!!!  I am linking up with ramblingsofasuburbanmom for this blog post:

I have posted on my cross stitch on here before.  These are three of my four new spring cross stitch for my board.  I am working on the fourth one now and should be done tonight.
I love Prairie Schooler patterns- easy and quick and they are super cute!

A silly picture of my newphew and I.  Awful picture of me but Gray is super sweet!!

Soccer is in full gear!! (and so are spring allergies!).  This is my middle son, Owen.  He played goalie the second half of his game on Saturday. He is an animal in the goal!!!  I had parents on the opposite team ask me if he was my son and told me he was a great keeper.  Proud mommy moment!!!

I take VERY random pictures.  Don't you love iphones??  These are Owen's spelling lists for the next couple of weeks.  I will always have them with me!  No more lost spelling lists! Who else takes weird pictures that help out in everyday life?  I picked out my new cabinet hardware this way.  Joey texted me about 20 pictures from the store!  LOL!!! 

This is from my oldest son's first flag football game.  This is a new sport this year for his school.  There was some mix up and they opposing school sent out their high school team instead of their middle school team.  They played the game but geesh there sure was a difference!!!  Those high school boys were a lot bigger and faster! 

We had LOTS of kids go out for the flag football team.  I love that it is coed!!  Go GIRLS!!!!  It is a learning year for all.....coaches and players!  My son is #13.....lucky 13!!!!  (at least thats what I told him!!!)

Totally random car picture!!!  LOL!!!  Who doesn't take a self portrait in the car!!!???  This one is going in the delete basket but I thought it was funny!  The boys and I play around with the camera during car lines a lot of times.  I don't remember taking this picture alone??  Wonder where one of the boys went??? 

I realized I didn't have any pictures of my youngest this is from last week at soccer practice! Notice his crazy Paul Frank socks!!  He's a nut!!  And I love how he hikes them up to his thighs.....I tried to tell him they look weird...he said his legs were cold. LOL!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. How fun to see your week in review. I LOVE the bunny cross-stitch!

  2. These are so great. Love the boys!!!


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