Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stampin' Up Retiring Products List!!! Some up to 60% off!!!

The retiring list is out!!!!  Available only while supplies last!!!  Since there is a color refresh in the new catalog- there is a TON of cardstock and accessories available!!!  GREAT time to stock up on your favorites!!!

Happy Shopping!!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scrapping weekend!

After a very long break from crafting....or it seems like to me, I am going to my girlfriend's house this weekend for a get together with the ladies to scrap!  Spring is hard.  I had a trip to Vegas in March.  My oldest is playing flag football for his school team which means practices four days out of the week and  games.  My two youngest boys are playing rec soccer so there are two nights of practice and Saturday games.   I am running out of time!!!!  I have gotten some cross stitching done lately.  I'll be showing some of my finished projects soon.  
 It is going to be nice to have some girl time and just relax and craft all weekend long!!!  The boys will be on their own with dad!  I look forward to having some new pages to share with everyone when I get back!  Have  a great weekend!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

I love the idea of a week in review!!!  I am linking up with ramblingsofasuburbanmom for this blog post:

I have posted on my cross stitch on here before.  These are three of my four new spring cross stitch for my board.  I am working on the fourth one now and should be done tonight.
I love Prairie Schooler patterns- easy and quick and they are super cute!

A silly picture of my newphew and I.  Awful picture of me but Gray is super sweet!!

Soccer is in full gear!! (and so are spring allergies!).  This is my middle son, Owen.  He played goalie the second half of his game on Saturday. He is an animal in the goal!!!  I had parents on the opposite team ask me if he was my son and told me he was a great keeper.  Proud mommy moment!!!

I take VERY random pictures.  Don't you love iphones??  These are Owen's spelling lists for the next couple of weeks.  I will always have them with me!  No more lost spelling lists! Who else takes weird pictures that help out in everyday life?  I picked out my new cabinet hardware this way.  Joey texted me about 20 pictures from the store!  LOL!!! 

This is from my oldest son's first flag football game.  This is a new sport this year for his school.  There was some mix up and they opposing school sent out their high school team instead of their middle school team.  They played the game but geesh there sure was a difference!!!  Those high school boys were a lot bigger and faster! 

We had LOTS of kids go out for the flag football team.  I love that it is coed!!  Go GIRLS!!!!  It is a learning year for all.....coaches and players!  My son is #13.....lucky 13!!!!  (at least thats what I told him!!!)

Totally random car picture!!!  LOL!!!  Who doesn't take a self portrait in the car!!!???  This one is going in the delete basket but I thought it was funny!  The boys and I play around with the camera during car lines a lot of times.  I don't remember taking this picture alone??  Wonder where one of the boys went??? 

I realized I didn't have any pictures of my youngest this is from last week at soccer practice! Notice his crazy Paul Frank socks!!  He's a nut!!  And I love how he hikes them up to his thighs.....I tried to tell him they look weird...he said his legs were cold. LOL!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just had to share!!!

I was talking to someone at work today and a customer was standing there.  We were talking about my two boys that are dyslexic.  The guy pipes up and says his son is dyslexic too.  I told him that was my short answer, that my oldest also has Auditory Processing Disorder.  He says his son does too!!!  Now I am interested!!!  If you have ever had to deal with APD, it is a mess!!!!  We did tons of work with our son, tutoring, fast forward!  Work, work , work!!!  Bless his heart!!!!  BUT, once he got to fourth grade, his teacher told me that she knew from his file, what he had going on, but she doesn't see it in the classroom!!! AMEN!!!  All those tears, on his part and mine!!!!  I am proud to say Kyle is amazing!!!  He has went from struggling in school to sailing right by!!!  I was amazed that this man told me that his son did Fast Forward too!  If you have a child with APD, I highly recommend it!  It isn't cheap, and is very time consuming but.......amazing results!!!  It retrains the brain to hear sounds.  Amazing!  This guy told me his son is now at Ohio State in the honors program!  I got goose bumps!!!!  
I don't talk about it often, but I am super proud of Kyle. (don't tell him a teen, this could make his head swell .....bigger!!!  hee-hee)  He is a great kid!!!  I had people look at me like I had two heads when I told them I was going to do Fast Forward with Kyle.  They hadn't heard of it, or didn't believe it would work.  It is with a smile on my face that Kyle will BEG to go to the used book store to get some new books!!!!  There is help out there for learning disabilities!!!  It doesn't mean your child is dumb.  Kyle's IQ is extremely high.  It means that everyone goes down the road to learning, some kids take the smooth straight path.  Kids with learning disabilities take a curvy winding road....they get there, there is just more hills and valleys on their journey.  And some say......the trip is more interesting!!!!

Kyle, Owen, and camo boys!!!!  Don't you just love that Jesse has his hat pulled down so low that his ears are bent!!! Love it!!!!! 

Linking up for Thursday Thoughts

First time linking up for Thursday Thoughts Ramblings of a Suburban MomThanks Jennifer for recommending it!!!  Jenny's blog is Love my Randomness 

Okay: My Thursday Thoughts:

*  Thursdays are my least favorite day of the week.  It is my busiest day and longest day of running.  Tutoring, football practice, cub scouts, and of course work!  Enough complaining.....I signed the kiddos up for all this so I knew what was coming ,right?  I will be happy to sit down tonight about 8:30 and relax for a second.  No new Vampire Diaries tonight.....that sucks.  Oh well.

*  I TOTALLY know where my kids get their dyslexia from.  Yes, me.  Two out of three of my boys are dyslexic.  And the third is just to young yet but odds are NOT in his favor.  How do I know they get it from me?  I have never had a problem reading and am an avid reader.  And surprisingly, I did well in math its simplest form......I reverse numbers.  Never letters.  But numbers.  Especially if the number is spoken to me verses written.  And I reversed numbers yesterday and ended up giving some random person $200 in their bank account instead of refunding a customer.  *smacks hand to forehead*  Guess who spent the morning fixing my error??!!!!

* Both boys soccer games are at 1:00pm this Saturday.  My mom is going to help me out and take Owen to his game.  Since I will be done for the day at 2:00- this leaves me a good portion of the day.  I really want to scrapbook.  I have been having fun with my new  photo printer.  I have been printing off pictures off of my phone.  I had over 1200 pictures.  I would love to start scrappin' those pictures.  BUT....I really need to clean and organize my area.  Supplies are EVERYWHERE!!!!!  I will probably end up organizing and cleaning.  BOOHISS!!!  But every time I clean and organize, I find something that I have forgotten about and get to use it again.  I guess cleaning isn't always bad.

I guess that's all today!!!!  Happy Friday's Eve~~~~~ 


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Free Shipping Starts Today!!!

Just a reminder that Stampin' Up's free shipping starts today!

Also, Stampin' Up announced this week a small color refresh to their color families.
I am loving the changes!!!

I will miss More Mustard since it is one of my favorite fall colors.  Good time with free shipping to stock up on your supplies!!!  Once the color accessories are gone of the discontinued colors, they are gone for good!  FREE SHIPPING!!!!  I LOVE FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!
Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We're excited to let you know that we are offering FREE shipping on EVERYTHING April 6-8 (excluding expedited orders)! That's right. There are no minimums or limits and all order types qualify (customer, demonstrator, workshop, online). Did we mention that the free shipping is on everything?

 We have a new This and That product line that's a cool way to document life on-the-go. And we have amazing new photopolymer stamps that you'll  want to try.
Free shipping starts: Saturday, April 6, 2013; 12:00 AM (MT)

Just click through the link below and start shopping!!!!  APRIL 6-8!!!!
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