Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My first birchbox

I received my fist birchbox last week.  I was sick so I haven't been able to post about it.  It actually worked out great since I have been using the products in my box and can give an even better review!!!
If you don't know, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box.  It comes with a variety of samples (some full size!!!) products to try each month.  Since this is my first box, I can't really comment on whether this is a good box from last month or not but I will say, I am enjoying it a lot!!!
If you would like to sign up to receive the monthly box, click the link:  BIRCHBOX .
They do have a waiting list but I signed up and got accepted within a week!

This is how the box comes in the mail. I like the bright pink color!

You open the mailing package to your actual monthly box.  I love this since I can very easily repurpose this box!  I will cover up the front with a little designer series paper and have a cute box!!!

Apparently each box has a card enclosed inside.  This is the front of the card.

The back of the card actually tells you the products and how much a full size version of the product will run you if you want to buy the full size.  I will say that I have already found a full size version that I am buying!!!  LOVING this product!!!

This is how the inside looks.  I love the kraft envelope- I will be reusing it as well!!!  I did not take a picture of the nail file but you see it in this picture.  Already in my purse!!!  The front side of it is a nice pretty pattern.

Nice spray sample of Couture LaLa perfume.  I haven't worn this one yet but it smells pretty good.  The Benefit "sample" turned out to just be a card explaining the product.  Okay...odd to me.  I thought they would have put a little bit of the product in there- unless I missed it- it was just information.

This is a nice sample size of the Skin & Co Sicilian Body Gel.  It smells nice.  I have used it once so far. As far as body washes go, this one is just okay.  I am not going to give up my soap bar like the sheet said!!  It does have kinda a soapy lather so I am going to try it as bath gel.  I might like it better just to add fragrance to the tub.

This is the BB Golden Glow Creme.  I have to say, I am LOVING this cream!!!  It does so much! You can see that the product carton lists 9 things that it does.  I don't find it overly moisturizing- I use a moisturizer underneath.  But it is great to balance and conceal.  Helps throughout the day with shine.  I don't wear base since I find it to thick/heavy.  This is not heavy at all and a little goes a long way.  I have been wearing this product and pressed powder.  It does not cake at all.  Now I want to try this product out in 90 degree heat in the south and see how it helps with THAT shine!!!!  I am considering buying a full size product of this! 

Now to my favorite product of the box!!!! I am IN LOVE with the Vasanti Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator!!!  Since the directions said to use on a wet face, I stuck it in my shower.  I really didn't think I was going to be impressed with this one.  I WAS WRONG!!!!  I love a good facial scrub- this has a great texture.  It does have some exfoliating properties but it is not harsh at all!!  I love that it is a little gritty to scrub but is soft on the skin as well.  That is really the best way I can describe it.  My skin feels great after I have used it!   I have used this everyday since I got it!!!!  A++++ in my book!!!!
Overall, the first month's box was a hit for me!  Can't wait to see what next month brings!!!
Remember, if you are interested in signing up, click through my link (I do get credit)!!!  Sign up is quick and easy!!!


  1. Yeah!!! So glad you love your first box and this one looks awesome. :)

  2. I still have a good amount of the Vasanti face brightening cleanser left after using it a couple times a week. Isn't it awesome?!! I can't wait for the April Birchbox :D


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