Monday, March 4, 2013

All Packed up

I leave tomorrow for Vegas for a week.  Very excited for a girls weekend.   We  are going to do TONS of shopping and we are also going to the Supernatural Convention.  This will be the second Supernatural Convention that I have gone to.  Last year's was in Nashville.  Can't wait for Vegas. Anyone one here Supernatural fans??!!!!

Unfortunately, we have to fly to Vegas.  I am not the best flyer.  Now, I am not crazy "Bridemaids" girl flyer but still.......(hope Stove isn't on the plane!!!) . 

 I am set though, I have downloaded my ipad with The Walking Dead episodes.  Since my girlfriend has not seen them, we will be watching them on the plane.  I am looking forward to rewatching the episodes.  Who else is a Walking Dead fan???

My bag is packed for the most part, hope I haven't forgotten anything.  Packing in ONE bag is a chore for me.  I am the type that likes to bring EVERYTHING with me.....just in case.  Another reason I don't like to fly!!!  I did limit it down to only three pairs of shoes.  And that for me was a BIG, with us shopping, I might buy another pair there!!!!  LOL!!!
I will be blogging some but I am limited to my iphone.  Have a great week!!



  1. You're going to be so excited for this...


  2. I love "Super Natural" and the "Walking Dead"!


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