Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day Card

Okay, I am gonna share my Valentine's Day card for Clint, my hubby, with ya! SSSHHHHH!!!!   I am entering it into a challenge that ends today, so I have to share it early. 
I got this idea off of pinterest.  I saw a card with a map on it.  LIGHT BULB went off!!!  My husband is obsessed with maps!  If we go on a trip, he will run the GPS in my car PLUS bring his portable Tom-Tom also!  What the heck??!!!!  And he always has maps in his truck.  And tries to sneak them into my car as well!!!!  I always tease him!!!  I guess I should be thankful that he wants to get directions, ask for directions and, look up directions.  But tends to be overkill sometimes!!! 
This is a simple card because the map is so busy and I want it to be the main focus of the card.  I hand wrote my sentiment because I didn't have a stamp that said what I wanted to say. But it is for LOVE day....and this comes from the heart....and my hand!!! LOL!
Clint is my rock.  He is what calms me down when I am having a bad day.  Through anything, alls I need is to hold his hand to feel better.  After sixteen years, I can say that I love him more today than the day I married him. 

I used the Stampin' Up Borders Scoring Plate at the bottom of the card to add some interest.  I love that this tool has some many different options on it!  It can change the look to the card in an instant!
I am entering this into the for the challenge:
'Valentine's Day'
Create a Valentine’s Day card for someone special.
You can create any Valentine's Day card you would like.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I love this idea. such fun!!!

    Thank you for participating in the ABC Challenges Valentine Challenge!


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