Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Less is More- Music Card

I have been having a good time playing along with challenges.  It has really challenged me to create projects that I normally wouldn't do.  Today's project is a perfect example of that.  I avoid one layer cards.  Not sure why because when I make them, I tend to love the simplicity of them.  One layer cards are not forgiving!!!  What does that mean??  Well, if your stamping is off, there are no layers to cover it up.  This alone makes one layer cards a challenge for me.  But.....I really wanted to play along this week with the challenge from:
This week's challenge is MUSIC.  One layer card with the theme of music. 
This is my take on the challenge.  I really had to dig to find a music stamp.  This was a mini set from PTI. 
I loved this sentiment.  I decided to stamp it across the page.  But once again, I worried that there were no layers to hide any errors.  Tell me I am not the only one that does this??!!  I found an easy solution to this.  I used my clear block as a ruler.  I lined the clear block up with the edge of the card.  I made sure the edge of my clear block lined up with the edge of the card each time I stamped the sentiment.  Maybe everyone else does this....but I have struggled with this in the past and this was a simple solution!  Perfectly lined stamp every time!

Using my corner rounder, I rounded the corners of the card.  I really liked the way this card turned out.  A great challenge for me!!!
I normally don't show the inside of the card because I will leave it blank until I need to use it.  Then I stamp the sentiment I need on the inside.  This week's challenge of music was perfect to use some of my music washi tape!!  I added a couple of pieces to the inside to add some interest. 
I will stamp my sentiment (when I go to use the card) right above the washi tape. 
Hope you enjoyed this card!


  1. Very nice! I almost never do one-layer cards. I should give it a try...

  2. This is a really trendy card!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  3. Love it! I don't do one layer either. It just never looks "right" to me, LOL.


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