Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homemade Valentines for my Boys

One of my favorite things to do is to make homemade Valentines for the boys' classes.  Last year, we made heart crayons.  It was an adorable idea but I have to say after making heart crayons for three classes (23-24 kids per class) I was SSSSOOOO sick of peeling old broken crayons!  Cute, but we will NEVER do that project again!!!  I never want to peel crayons again!   
I think the crayon project is why I wanted SIMPLE this year.  With my boys, they don't want lovey or cute.  I saw this card on pinterest.  I loved the jet and the jet stream behind the jet.  Digging through my stamps, I thought about that card again.  I decided it would make a cute Valentines card for the boys.  The jet stream making the heart for the card, cute, boyish and simple!  Perfect!!!

I wanted to color the jet but the boys liked it uncolored.  Okay, even easier right??  I stamped the jet using basic black ink.  The jet stream was done using a sponge dauber and Stampin' Up white craft ink.  After a couple of tests, it was pretty easy to make the jet stream.  I looked and looked for individual heart candies to stick in the center of the heart.  I never did find anything.  So I kept looking and looking for something that would work.  FUN DIP- with the jet Dipping all over??!!!  PERFECT!!
I used my hole punch to put a hole in the card and the Fun Dip package.  I made sure I hole punched only the side with the stick on the Fun Dip package making sure none of the sugar spilled out!! 
The back of the cards were stamped with From and then each child's name stamp. 
I really liked this project.  I think this design made the perfect Valentines for boys!  Even better, it involved no crayon peeling!!!! 
Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!!!!
(well, tomorrow that is!!)


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