Friday, January 11, 2013

Two page Layout- RollerSkates!

As many of you know, I don't do tons of two page layouts.  I like doing two page layouts but I take tons of pictures, so I end up with an odd picture here and there, that I MUST scrap, so it becomes a one page layout.  A picture that I consider a MUST to scrap, is one that I can tell a story about, I want to remember, or is just a really good picture.  What I think is a good picture differs from some people.  A lot of people love a picture of their kids where they are perfectly dressed, posed well, good background = perfect picture to them.  My perfect picture is a picture that shows my kids how they are. It shows their personality in the picture.  My kids are not suit and ties boys.  Those pictures are very rare in my house.  One of my favorite pictures that hangs in my bedroom, is a picture of my oldest two during a professional photo shoot.  Normal right?  Well, it is the two of them basically wrestling!!!!  Yes, all dressed up, perfect hair....and Owen is hanging on his brother's back with his arms around his neck.  They are both smiling and both looking at the camera....does that count as posed???  LOL!!!
This layout is from last Christmas at my sister's house.  We get the kids together before Christmas day to exchange gifts.  I didn't use Christmas paper because, these shots from the day were more of action shots.  I have some pictures of all the kids together that I scrapped on Christmas paper. 
 For this layout, I had two pieces of October Afternoon full 12X12 paper.  I used my Kiwi Lane templates to make the scallops at the bottom of the pages.  I was able to get two pages out of the sheets!  I love using up what I have! I used Stampin' Up solid cardstock as the base.  I find a lot of Stampin' Up solid cardstock matches October Afternoon paper.  This makes some of my favorite vintage paper last a long time!  This paper match an 8X8 paper pack that I had and was able to use up some more of it and some October Afternoon accessories!

 This was my niece opening up her roller skates that we got her.  Who knew that Owen would like them so much!!!

 I had an accessory stick sheet from October Afternoon left over from awhile back.  It had all these words.  I didn't have enough paper left to use them all, so I came up with the idea to make a frame out of them.  I used the bigger stickers to cover any gaps that didn't quite fit together!

This was one of my favorite pictures of Owen trying on his cousins new pink skates.  He liked them so much, he had to do a little dance in them!

I loved the little space guy!  I knew Owen would love to see him on the layout.  That was the first thing he commented on, that chipboard sticker and the lighting bolts.  He thought that was really cool!
 Hope you enjoyed!  And have a GREAT Friday!!!!

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