Monday, January 14, 2013

Simply Scored Borders Scoring Plate and Layout

When demos got to preorder from the Stampin' Up Spring mini catalog, I ordered the Borders Scoring Plate to go on my Stampin' Up Simply Scored plate.  I love things that can take a layout or card to the next level.  This is it!!! 
I haven't had time to play with it until today.  And now I am wondering why I didn't dig it out BEFORE today!!!  It is AWESOME!!!! 
Let me tell you the details first and then show you what it can do!!!
The Borders Scoring Plate is on page 26 of the Spring mini catalog.  It is item #126192.  It sells for $14.95 which is a GREAT price for a tool that can make such a nice impact on your project. 
 Now you do have to have the Simply Scored Plate.  It is in the main catalog on page 181 and sells for $29.95.

Now I have heard some people say that you can use it with other scoring boards, I don't have those to test it myself.  It has been tested on the Martha Stewart scoring board by some other demos and it does work!   Some have said it is possible to use the Borders Scoring Plate by itself.  I can see where it would be possible, not AS easy but possible.  Some suggest to use binder clips to keep everything tight and together so your paper doesn't shift.  The Scoring Plate makes it very easy. 

This is the Borders Scoring Plate right out of the package.  I have it setting on my Simply Scored board.
 The most common mistake that people make is not removing the film on the overlay.  There are two pieces to the Borders Scoring Plate, one is the base that has the grooves that is what makes the grooves and other is the overlay.  The overlay is needed because when you have your paper on the Borders Scoring Plate, you can't see the grooves, the overlay guides you.  But if you don't take off the film, it is slippery and your paper will shift.  Now, I had read this and honestly I had to really PEEL the corner of the film was ON there and it didn't look like a film to me! At first I was afraid that I was picking my overlay to death and was going to ruin it....but it finally lifted off.   There are TWO films on the overlay, one on each side.  Take both of them off!!  I say this because many are getting frustrated with the paper shifting and they aren't able to get good lines.  Once they take off the is AWESOME!!!!  

One film off, and taking the OTHER film off!!

This is what it looks like with the film on the overlay removes. See how clear it is???  So clear that you can see the reflection of my light overhead.....I think I have a bulb out!!!  LOL!!!!
Now, the directions say to practice on a scrap piece of paper until you get the hang of it.  Practice, what's that?!!!!  I decided to try it right off.  This was my FIRST try!!!  I used a full 12X12 piece of Summer Starfruit Stampin' UP cardstock.  If you are not familiar with SU cardstock, it is nice and thick.  The Borders Scoring plate had no problem with it!  It has nice deep grooves in it.  
Now I will give you the BEST tip I can.  I found that some of my lines are not smooth from where I went out of the grooves slightly.  Here's my tip....turn your paper OVER and make your lines on the backside of your paper.  When you turn your paper over, your lines will be PERFECT!!!!  
Keep in mind, this was my FIRST attempt!!!

Can you see where I went out of the grooves?
Turn your paper over, and those mistakes don't show!!  It does say this in the directions!!   I think for a first attempt, it was a success!!  I can see so many possibilities!  On cards or layouts!  There are not many tools that are created for both card makers AND scrapbookers!!!  I love it!!!

Now I will share the layout that I used this on!

This layout is using October Afternoon and some Stampin' Up solid cardstock.  I used Summer Starfruit and Midnight Muse on this layout.  A great match!  My little Jesse going on the first day of school.  How excited he was to finally be going with the big boys to school!
I am stuck on circles lately!  Circles and more circles!!!
Look at that goose pin!  Adorable!
The picture is blurry but I had to get a picture of Jesse taking his nap on his cot on my cell phone.  Jesse attends a Montessori school.  In his class, there are ages 3-5.  So when the older kids go to do the kindergarten stuff in the afternoon, the younger ones nap.   He was all worn out!!  

I think the Borders Scoring Plate add the interested that I wanted.  I have already used the Borders Scoring Plate on another layout. I am loving it!!  I think it will sit on my workspace every time I scrap or make cards.  Such an easy detail to add!
Thanks for visiting!! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you about the Borders Scoring Plate or any other Stampin' Up product!


  1. This is an adorable layout and a really good review of a really smart tool. I may have to add it to my shopping list...

  2. Wow, what a helpful review and explanation! I have the MS board and figured I wouldn't be able to use the scoring plate. So glad to hear it's compatible! Thanks for the great tips for ease of use, too. And your layout is adorable!

  3. that looks very cool. I might need one of those.

  4. Hey Michelle! I came over from SCS to see your review. I saw this item in the SU catalog and it looked interesting. I appreciate you showing it to us and for the great demo. I think I'll get one of these!

    Oh and your layout is gorgeous! I've had this color combo on my mind since I saw a football team on TV with those same colors and have been meaning to do something with it!!


  5. I found you on the web. This is exactly what I wanted to know since I have a Martha Stewart board. Thanks! Loved the layout!


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