Monday, January 7, 2013

October Afternoon Duct Tape Layout

I will preface this with: no kids were hurt during this picture!!!  And no, we don't duct tape our kids to the wall normally!!!  LOL!!!  This is a fun layout from my youngest son helping his older brother with last year's science experiment.  My oldest son compared different brands of tape.  Testing the strength of the popular tapes.  He also tested whether or not colored duct tape worked as good as regular duct tape.  It was a fun experiment.  He used a 2lb weight, taping it to the wall and measuring how many inches of tape it took to hold the 2lb weight.  This was the last step.  He determined that gorilla tape was the best tape.  He wanted to do a fun picture for his experiment of holding a person to the wall.  He found out that his mathematics to figure out how much tape to use did not tape into account a moving person!  It was a fun picture, and his success and failure was all part of the learning process.  He ended up needing to use a lot more tape than he figured.  He decided to add this to his experiment as a result that didn't match.  And we were left with a child...finally after a LOT of tape, stuck to the wall!!!!

This layout is using October Afternoon paper.  This also uses the accessories packs.  I used the Stampin' Up circle punches.  You can always need circle punches!!!  

I used the chipboard to add dimension to the circles.  Brads and buttons!  Anything that I could fit in those circles!!
 I liked this banner that came with the chipboard set, I thought it was perfect!

I have to explain the squirrel card.  This is our joke with my youngest, he tends to get distracted easily....if you have ever watched the movie UP, you get this!  I saw this card in the accessories pack and had to add it!!
I actually got all the Christmas trees down Friday night and put up the attic Saturday morning.  I hate to take the trees down each year, but glad to have the space back again.  I did some work on my birthday bash class on Saturday.  On Sunday, I did some scrapping, just for me!!!  It has been a long time since I just scrapped to scrap.  I like making cards but it takes more brain power for me.  Scrapping flowes for me.  I think I am my most creative when I scrap.    It is relaxing!  
Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Such a fun picture and layout! I love the story behind it!

  2. LOL! Such a funny pic and cute layout! Love the circle border and squirrel card! And yes, I know "Up" very well...I actually have a "Dug", my son, and I have a bit of "Dug" in me as well!

  3. It a funny pic... very nice layout like the green paper it really caught my eye for some reason.

  4. That pic is the best!! Great LO as always!


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