Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Need a good cut? Get a SIMPLE trimmer!!!!!

There has been a lot of questions about trimmers on crafting boards.  What is the best kind?  What trimmer gives the best cut?  Which trimmer should I get?  First off, everyone has their favorite.  A lot of time, it is what you started with.  If you start with a small portable trimmer, you want a small portable trimmer.  Some like rotary trimmers (the blade is on a wheel of sorts and rolls across your paper to cut).  What is your favorite trimmer?  Ask 100 people and you will get a LOT of different answers!!! Some people have two or three favorites for different applications.  Today, I am sharing the Stampin' Up Tabletop Paper cutter.  This is a guillotine trimmer.  I have only recently ordered this trimmer.  Why?  Because I didn't really like the idea of a guillotine trimmer.  Not sure why, maybe it looked unsafe to me.  It is so simple, surely these more updated trimmers would cut better right???
This is the Tabletop Paper Cutter found HERE .  Item #106959.  I had always heard that the Stampin' Up tabletop paper cutter was great for cutting a lot of cardstock prepping for card classes.  I was getting ready for my upcoming card class and cutting LOTS of cardstock!!!  I placed this trimmer on my last order.  I even have to say when it got here, I was kinda confused.  I expected it to be heavy.  I am not sure why.  It is not heavy which makes it very easy to move around with the trimmer.  It comes with handle off of it. NOT the blade, just the rubber was underneath the machine and slides onto the blade arm.  I think you can take it off to store it if you want but I don't find it to be in the way, so I keep it on.  It also has the extender underneath, which I will show next.  I expected this trimmer to be an at home, bulky trimmer.  It isn't!!!!  It is light weight and not that big without the extender on it.  

The ruler extender rests in its spot on the bottom for more compact storage.  You can see beside the extender the spot to take off the black handle as well, good for those that need it to fit in small areas!  The bottom is hollow making it might weight.  You can also see the feet on the bottom.  I find I don't have any sliding with this trimmer, the feet keep it right in place.
 This is the ruler extender.  Right above my thumb you can see the little tabs that you push to take the ruler off the base again, just push them in on both sides, very simple.  The tabs seem very sturdy.
 Up close view of the markings on the extender.  I find that it has all the ruler markings I need to make cards or scrapbooking pages.

 The ruler fits into the slot on the side, very easy!  
 Kind of a weird angle but wanted to show you the tabs and also the extender with its foot down so that it is nice and sturdy.  
 This shows the ruler extender on, and the blade up.  Ready for a cut!!  One tip I learned, make sure you have the blade arm all the way extended up before you cut.  This makes sure that you line your paper FLAT against the top ruler.  This is what gives you straight cuts.  I suggest all those that have trouble getting straight cuts, to take that step slowly.  Make sure you paper is straight, make sure it is flat against the top! Look at the grid lines on the base, is your paper straight down the lines?  Not everyone needs to do this slowly but if you are having trouble, slow down, you will get straight cuts!!! This picture also the finger guide.....I am not sure if this is what its name is..but that's what I am calling it.  You hold your paper down with the plastic see-through finger guide!!!  I call it a finger guide because it helps you keep your fingers!!!!  Once I used this guide, my worries about safety went away!  This keeps your fingers away from the blade and your paper in its spot!  PERFECT!!!
 Not sure if you can see that my fingers are safely behind the guide and AWAY from the blade!
Guillotine trimmers have been used in schools as paper cutters for YEARS!!  They were used when I was in school!  They have stood the test of time for a reason.  The design is simple, they never need sharpening. Yes, you heard that right....NO BLADES!!!  Nothing else to buy!!!  EVER!!!!  Can you heard the singing as you read that??!!!!!!  You are FREE!!!!  FREE from buying blades, not being able to FIND the blades!!!!  You are done!  Once purchased, you are done!!!   If the cuts seem dull, you adjust the handle slightly....the blade will once again cut against the blade base keeping it sharp with every cut!  (I have heard of an adjustment needed after several years of use- it is VERY easy to adjust!!!)
I have a BIG guillotine trimmer at my office.  It was taken out of a school when  our company demolished the building. It is OLD.....not the best looking but I cleaned it up and it cuts GREAT!!! It had been left in this empty building for years.  Dirty, dusty, a little rusted, but it still cuts!!!!  STRAIGHT!!!  Now it does not have the safety features this trimmer does.  And it is NOT light weight!!!  And it is BIG!!!  I keep it at my office to cut up our recyclable paper into note pads!  Works perfect!

I have to say, I have no idea why I didn't order this trimmer before!  I used it to prep for my class.  Lots of cuts!!!!  Perfect!!  No frayed edges, nice and straight!  I liked it so much, I used it for my layouts!  All my October Afternoon layouts have been done using this trimmer!  I find it very easy to use, light weight, easy to move around while I am scrapping.  I have to say, this might be my favorite trimmer yet!!!!  If you have never tried a guillotine trimmer, give it a shot.  You might find yourself like me....pleasantly surprised!!!!!  
And remember, this is a great time to order the tabletop paper cutter!!!  Sale-a-bration time!!!!  The tabletop trimmer is $45.95....for every $50 dollars you spend, you earn FREE products!!!!  Can't beat that!!!!  Click on my Stampin' Up store!!!


  1. I wish there were a way to try out all 100+ trimmers on the market. I'd never buy shoes without trying them on, yet trimmers are somewhat similar- you have to try them to get the right "fit." Thanks for an interesting review!

    1. I agree Cindy! If you have a local demo- you could check with him/her to see if they have this trimmer. Any demo would be happy to let you try it out! Everyone likes something different. For me, I was tried of being ready to craft only to find out my blade was dull, and then go hunt my blade stash. Oh and WHERE did I put my blade stash!!???? So far, I am thrilled with this trimmer, great cuts and always ready to create!!! Thanks for visiting!!!


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