Saturday, January 19, 2013

Legos Everywhere! Legos Birthday Card!

If you have kids, you probably have legos!!!  And as a parent, we all know the HORROR of stepping on one of those missed legos left on the floor....BAREFOOT!!!!  LOL!!!! 
This is an easy card for the kid in your life!   The inking the edges of the circle punches and some dimensionals!!!  EASY!!! I did this card a long time ago.  I need to redo it and maybe try some new colors!  I love the lime colored legos!!  Don't I need to do one with lime??!!!! 
Hope everyone has a good Saturday!  I am headed to the Boy Scout store with my middle son to get his uniform.  He is so excited!!!!  Oh and we can NOT forget the belt!!  Apparently, the belt, according to Owen, is very important!  Wonder what else at the store he will find IMPORTANT to get??!!!  LOL.  Then we are headed to the paintball field for my oldest son's birthday party.  I am going to be huddled around the fire pit!  If I never post is because I am an ice cube at the field...send rescue!!!!


  1. This is so cute! Definitely pinning this one as I'm sure I'll need a Lego card soon!


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