Thursday, January 24, 2013

Left Overs Layout!

Do you ever end up with stickers or chipboard pieces left over from a paper pack?  What to do with them?  I have found that I can repurpose them.  Take some "memo" stickers, the ones just big enough for a word on them, cut them into banners!  Stick them behind photos or items on your layout!  This is one of my favorite types of layouts to do....I call it the LEFT OVERS Layout!  Just like the left overs in your fridge, ya gotta use them up!!!  Left overs were so common growing up.  My mom used to piece together meals from the left overs.  They were always interesting meals to say the least!!  With the boys busy schedule, we don't do left overs often.  And I don't piece the meals together quite like my mom did.  But it works for layouts!  Use up those pieces!  If a piece doesn't match exactly or has a word on it that doesn't work with your layout, cover it up!

This is my middle child.  He is eight now.  Still smiling and still sweet!!!  He has always been so easy going!  

I love ledgers papers.  It works here because it gives a neutral background so that I can add all my left over embellies to the layout!!  I love banners!  These chipboard banners are great!  

 Look at those yummy cheeks!!  Couldn't ya just yum those up!!!!???  
I cut my paper piece to put my picture on to make it stand out against the ledger paper.  Tore the top of it and glued the torn strip to the bottom to add the other side of the paper to the layout.  Great way to get the most of both sides of the paper and use ALL you left overs up!!!

 This shows the sticker left overs being cut and used on the layout.  

 Ledgers are great for journaling.  There are nice straight lines to write directly on the ledger paper.  

Hope you liked some left overs!!!!  Happy Thursday!!!  It is almost Friday!!!


  1. Awesome LO! Great job using up your leftovers! I don't do that nearly as often as I should. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very sweet layout and I would have never thought to use leftover stickers and such from paper kits or packs. I'll remember that for next time if I have stickers that need to be use.


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