Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun Playing and Bright Layout

Yellow, is one of my favorite colors to see on layouts.  In real life, yellow is okay.  For some reason, I see yellow layouts and just love them!  I always like layouts with strong yellows in them.  I guess I find them bright and cheery!  Instantly, I think a yellow layout can make your pictures look happy and bright!  Is it just me?  What is your favorite color to see or use in a layout?

Today I am sharing this layout of my youngest playing at our shop.  It is a family business and our boys are often found running around or playing in the office.  These were a couple of photos of Jesse, my youngest, playing or just being silly.

 I like to label who is in the photos.  Even though I know very well right now this is Jesse, I can say that with baby pictures, the boys can't tell themselves apart!  The little tab makes it easy to label and doesn't take away from the layout at all.

One of my favorite techniques to do is tearing.  I cut a strip of paper and take the strip and rip it at the top or the bottom.  Then I take the small strip that I ripped off and flip it over so I get the pattern at the bottom and adhere it to the top or bottom of the strip to add another layer to my layout.  I have also found that I love satin binding ribbon.  It is so easy to work with.  What is your favorite type of ribbon?

These are some of the accessories with the October Afternoon paper pack.  I loved the little spinner....but where was I going to use it?  How about a layout about playing!?  Perfect!

Hope this sunny bright layout, brightened up your day today.  In North Carolina, we might be getting some snow tonight.  Snow is a big deal here!  The kids are already getting excited.  We will see, most of the time, we get nothing!!!  Maybe I need to go get some bread and milk!!!  LOL!!!!

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