Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Borders Scoring Plate Squares Vegas Layout

Happy Wednesday! 
I have to share, yesterday I went to watch my oldest (the one in the photos below), now 13, basketball game for his school.  He started the season not having played on a basketball team since he was about 7.  He has learned SSSSOOOO much this year and keeps getting better and better with each game.  Best of all, he has been enjoying it a lot!!!  Last night's game was AWESOME.  Unfortunately, they lost, but it was a GREAT job!!!  They lost in DOUBLE overtime!!!  And those boys played HARD.  My proud moment.....Kyle got fouled when shooting, so he got two penalty shots.  His first shot went around the rim and popped out.  Darn.  This was at the end of the FIRST overtime period.  Second shot....HE MADE IT!!!!!  He put his team into DOUBLE OVERTIME!!!!  GO KYLE!!!!!!!  I literally almost peed my pants from screaming so hard for him and his teammates!!!!!  It might have been a loss on the scoreboard, but those boys played as a TEAM!!!  Go MUSTANGS!!!!!!!
Okay, off my kid brag now!!!  ON to the layout!!!
 Today I am sharing a two page layout.  Lately I have been using a lot of circles on my layouts, so I promised I would try to use some squares.  I have to say, squares are harder to use.  I think next time I will use squares randomly placed and see if that makes it easier.  Overall, it was a fun challenge for myself though!.  This layout has so much in it..misting, using the borders scoring plate, squares, layerings.....  
Guess I have to start somewhere right?

These are pictures of my oldest in Vegas.  He was standing by the car so nicely as we were getting luggage out of the car, I had to take his picture.  Oh, and that is he little monkey!!  He has had that monkey since he was about 5 months old!  Loves that monkey!!!  

The squares were punched out using my Stampin' Up punches.  Some of the rectangles are accessories from the October Afternoon kit.  The base of this layout is using my favorite, Stampin' Up Crumb Cake cardstock.  I inked the edges and also inked the edges of the squares.

Not sure if you can tell but some of the squares are popped up with dimensionals.  The star was misted using October Afternoon misting spray, the same mist that I used on the layout as well. I love the little guy on the horse pin!!

 You can see the embossed image on the edge of the layout.  I used the Borders Scoring Plate to do this.  I did a post yesterday about this tool.  It really is great.  Just a little detail and dimension to the layout.  You can see product details HERE.  

The ribbon piece was cut from a ribbon scrap that I had and misted to match the other misted items on the layout.  I dried it with my Stampin' Up heat tool.  It was ready to go on the layout in no time!

When I used to do 2 page layouts, my pages had to match, or do the reverse of the first page.  But I have learned that my style has evolved.  I don't match my pages anymore, but they do coordinate.  I used the Borders Scoring Plate on this layout as well.  I misted this page as well and carried over just a few of the small squares to this page.  

Isn't he a cutie??!!!

I had to add the Ace card to the is a Vegas layout after all!  I didn't need any journaling on this layout since it was really just pictures of Kyle- but I did label it with his name. Why?  Because I have three boys now.  And believe it or not, they all look alike in pictures.  Sure I remember this is Kyle now, but will I remember this is Kyle 30 years from now???  

This was a fun layout to work on.  Hope you enjoyed it!  Have a great day!  Stay dry and warm!!  It is finally cold in the south again!!!!  Bring out the Uggs!!!!  


  1. Love the misting and the use of the squares. Cute!

  2. Great LO!! Your boys are the cutest!


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