Monday, January 7, 2013

A blast from the past- ME at 21 years old!!!!

Oh to be 21 again!!!  My how much time has gone by!  This layout is a picture from my 21st birthday at the beach with friends.  And for those that know me IRL....with blonde hair!!!  THAT is different huh???  LOL!!  To be 21 again!  Can I just have the body that I had then???
I used October Afternoon cakewalk paper on this layout.  It was a fun, quick layout.  I even got to use pink!

Oh and don't forget the red lipstick!!!  I still love red lipstick but I am more of a gloss girl now!  LOL!!  I am not sure who took this picture but I don't appear to be thrilled.  Or maybe this is when they told me they were taking me to Hooters for my birthday dinner....yes, Hooters.  Yea me, right???  
 I loved the flower chipboard and the quotes so they had to be added.  I used my corner rounder on this layout.  If you don't have a corner rounder....get one!  It is a great finishing touch to a layout!

What a fun layout to work on!  Fun memories of good times!  The best kids asking me who is that in the picture!  LOL!!!  And then they said, "what is wrong with your hair?" .  Guess I need to stay with my dark hair huh???  
Hope your day is going well!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. OMG I love this picture. I've seen it from you before but I didn't realize it was your 21st birthday!!!


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